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  1. impodave

    Stahl B-20 Delivery motor won't run.

    Hello. Has anyone had experience with the delivery motor failing to run ? Trying to figure out if its the DC drive board or the motor itself . How much DC voltage does the motor require to start turning ? Thanx.
  2. impodave

    XMF Issue with grabbing wrong version of PDF files

    When we first installed XMF, we had to come up with a naming protocol. The simplest ways to use the job ticket number is the first thing you see ; 12345_ABCCOMPANY AND DESCRIPTION_TEXT_SIDE 1F_MAGENTA.
  3. impodave

    XMF Issue with grabbing wrong version of PDF files

    How do the file names compare ?
  4. impodave

    my Impressia jamming

    Do you not have the Enterprise feeder ?
  5. impodave

    Xante Impressia - Edge to Edge ??

    Thats what I finally determined, with help from Tracy. I always use the Enterprise feeder , except for printing swatches
  6. impodave

    Xante Impressia - Edge to Edge ??

    I have a large catalog envelope job that I need to run the image to the edge on the trailing end of the envelope. I have three edge printing turned on in iQueue and in the main menu. I can only get within 1/8 of an inch, any closer and it starts cutting off the image. What am I missing ? Thanks.
  7. impodave

    Sick Time Off

    Five days per year. No carry over allowed, so it encourages people to use it up annually. I'm never sick and don't even get an 'atta boy'. So who's the dummy here ?
  8. impodave

    Tips for heavy coverage digital fold

    We use a Morgana Digital Auto-Creaser after trimming out and prior to folding. A world of difference !!!
  9. impodave

    Weko AP230 won't power up. Instruction Manual, anyone ?

    Cant find the schematic or manual ....😞
  10. impodave

    Weko AP230 won't power up. Instruction Manual, anyone ?

    Hello. Does anyone have a copy of the instruction manual for the WEKO AP230 Powder Unit ? This one is on a Komori L428 and won't power up. Display is a dead bird ... Thanks.
  11. impodave

    Envelope Printing

    We have the Impressia with Enterprise feeder here. No one else here liked running it, because there are instances where you might have to babysit it a little. I have run #6.75 up to 9x12 catalogs and booklets. Had to replace the first drum ( black ) after 240K impressions a couple of weeks...
  12. impodave

    Calendar Booklet with Remittance Envelope stitched at center

    We run them on our Minuteman saddle binder from time to time. We either collate the book and leave the face trim alone to do a second pass and stitch in the envelope, or you can trim the press sheets to finish size head to foot prior to folding and do it in one pass, but I don't think the final...
  13. impodave

    Xante Impressia Enterprise Feeder speed ...

    Thanx for the reply .... it does well close to all of the time, just an option that I wish I had.
  14. impodave

    Xante Impressia Enterprise Feeder speed ...

    Greetings. Has anyone stumbled upon a parameter in the vast universe of Impressia menus that will slow down the forwarding increment on the enterprise feeder ?? I feel like it could be slowed down ever so slightly to prevent media from occasionally overshooting and causing a paper jam...
  15. impodave

    Heidelberg PM46-2

    Did you sell this yet ? Any pictures ?
  16. impodave

    Proofing from XMF to EFI XF/Epson 7800

    Hey, Anyone .... I am currently using a PDF Export in the workflow to send proofs to the Epson. Are there media settings at the workflow end ?? My 8 page sigs are running off the sheet, and I don't want to continue using roll stock for saddle bound stuff - Can't make things change at the...
  17. impodave

    Esko PDF Workflow and Dynastrip

    We've recently attempted to switch from Nexus Pageflow to a Nexus PDF workflow. We use Dynastrip 5.3.1 for imposition to plate and proofing. We have encountered a number of issues that neither Esko or Dynagram are prepared to solve. I don't have much experience with design programs or Neo, so...
  18. impodave

    Introduce yourself!

    ImpoDave ImpoDave I am the production manager/expediter for a small commercial print operation in South-Central Missouri, though much of the time I don't feel like one. I began my career as a pressman in 1977, moved to imposition a couple of years later and continued doing that for one...

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