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    Early 80's Polar 92 EMC

    Have an issue with my cutter. Turned it on the other day and all the programs were erased and we were not able to mark any cuts to any of the programs. You can see all 99 programs but all cuts are empty. Opened up the program memory module (pulls out from the face of the display) and realized...
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    Laser Hours

    We are looking into a used CTP device and was wondering if there really is a way to determine the use a machine has? Looking at an Accento IIS. Dealer is telling me that the laser hours are zero or… well here are his words… “The RH parameters and Laser Running time showed zero hours running...
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    Apogee Tiapan v3.1 to ctp?

    Hello Everyone, New to this Forum, thanks for reading this! We are a small commercial printer currently running Agfa Apogee Tiapan v3.1 with inrip trapping to a SelectSet7000 and we want to upgrade to CTP. What we want to do is keep our existing front end which has been working fine and just...

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What about Profitability?
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