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  1. The Copy Guys

    AccurioPress C2070's available.

    Yes, Lee Unit with IQ is tentatively sold.
  2. The Copy Guys

    AccurioPress C2070's available.

    Hello, I currently have 2 Accuriopress C2070's listed on ebay if anyone is interested? Off ebay price is $2,000 off the listed price. I would prefer to sell local to Southern California but will work with shipping company of buyers choosing. Freshly refurbished off lease machines ready to get...
  3. The Copy Guys

    Konica Minlota C1060 Issue

    Have your tech try adjusting the tension spring on the back of the DPFR assembly. If that doesn't help, he may want to try using the orange "pre-printed stock" rollers designed for the old 1050.
  4. The Copy Guys

    Bizhub pro 1051 backgrounding/scumming issue

    Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes, replace the dev unit. After several million impressions the mag roller can get too smooth to properly control the flow of developer over it. Also conductivity for the developer bias can lesson causing a lot of toner misting.
  5. The Copy Guys

    Regular fuser vs envelope fuser???

    Mechanically the EF-103 is the same as the regular fuser. The only difference between the 2 fuser types is a short wiring harness between the top rear connector and the temp sensors. You can easily convert an envelop fuser into a standard by swapping the harness out (good to know in a pinch)...
  6. The Copy Guys

    Bizhub pro 1051 backgrounding/scumming issue

    Developer/developer unit fatigued. Also, the cleaning input shaft can get worn causing a loss of ground to the cleaner brush. This does not look like a failed cleaning blade.
  7. The Copy Guys

    C258 - Faded print on one side of 12x18 inches art card

    This here. The C258 is a very small office duty MFP. It can do heavy stock as a page here and there, but not continuously. It doesn't have the means to keep up page after page with toner supply, fuser temperature and charges.
  8. The Copy Guys

    Konica Minolta Bizhub C6500, C6000, and C1060 - Any real differences at their core?

    Hey! I like your screen name!! I am an independent tech company in Riverside, Ca that specializes in KM production machines if you ever need any assistance.
  9. The Copy Guys

    Konica Minolta 1085 ghosted image on prints

    Is the ghost image all colors? Or just a single color?

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