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  1. impodave

    Stahl B-20 Delivery motor won't run.

    Hello. Has anyone had experience with the delivery motor failing to run ? Trying to figure out if its the DC drive board or the motor itself . How much DC voltage does the motor require to start turning ? Thanx.
  2. impodave

    Xante Impressia - Edge to Edge ??

    I have a large catalog envelope job that I need to run the image to the edge on the trailing end of the envelope. I have three edge printing turned on in iQueue and in the main menu. I can only get within 1/8 of an inch, any closer and it starts cutting off the image. What am I missing ? Thanks.
  3. impodave

    Weko AP230 won't power up. Instruction Manual, anyone ?

    Hello. Does anyone have a copy of the instruction manual for the WEKO AP230 Powder Unit ? This one is on a Komori L428 and won't power up. Display is a dead bird ... Thanks.
  4. impodave

    Xante Impressia Enterprise Feeder speed ...

    Greetings. Has anyone stumbled upon a parameter in the vast universe of Impressia menus that will slow down the forwarding increment on the enterprise feeder ?? I feel like it could be slowed down ever so slightly to prevent media from occasionally overshooting and causing a paper jam...
  5. impodave

    Proofing from XMF to EFI XF/Epson 7800

    Hey, Anyone .... I am currently using a PDF Export in the workflow to send proofs to the Epson. Are there media settings at the workflow end ?? My 8 page sigs are running off the sheet, and I don't want to continue using roll stock for saddle bound stuff - Can't make things change at the...
  6. impodave

    Esko PDF Workflow and Dynastrip

    We've recently attempted to switch from Nexus Pageflow to a Nexus PDF workflow. We use Dynastrip 5.3.1 for imposition to plate and proofing. We have encountered a number of issues that neither Esko or Dynagram are prepared to solve. I don't have much experience with design programs or Neo, so...

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