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    Inkjet image artefacts - seems to be misregister

    Hi, Does any inkjet guru out there have any comments on image artefacts / problems like in attached picture? Is there a name for this beyond "misregistration"? I could only imagine it's the media warping but we've tried upping the vacuum and reducing temperature, to no avail - it's happens...
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    InDesign CS5 and Magic Mouse driving me nuts...

    The combination of InDesign and Magic Mouse is driving me crazy. The slightest fingers movement over the Magic Mouse sends InDesign's page view scrolling all over the place! Any idea how I can disable the Magic Mouse scrolling in InDesign? I don't want to turn it off in system preferences...
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    Mixing percentages

    Hi there, When mixing solutions I'm always confused when instructions tell one to mix up to a certain percentage. I have coped so far, but for the sake of being pedantic... Example problem: The label on a drum of roller wash reads "mix with up to 25% water." Isn't this very ambiguous? Is that...
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    Egg printer

    Check out this out: The Original Egg-Bot - Home I'm sure this'll make a big hullabaloo at ipex...
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    NexPress Intelligent Calibration System

    Two questions re this: cost and effectiveness... Our NexPress technician has given the new ICS upgrade rave reviews. He says it clears up streaking phenomenally and reckons even older NexPresses are going to give Indigo a good run for their money with this new system. However, they were...
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    Spotlight not finding some files

    Hi, Spotlight isn't finding some files/folders on my hard-drive. It seems like a random selection of about 20% of files it won't find. On such a file, even if I type it's exact name into Spotlight it won't find them. This applies to some files in my Documents folder and some in folders on the...
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    Operators Manual for GTO 46?

    Does anyone know of a copy online of an operation manual for the GTO 46? Thanks!
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    I kid you not...

    From a client that calls themselves a 'design studio,' we have just received a response to a quote we sent reading "Please could you quote me on a full colour job instead of 4 process colours!" I don't know what to do!
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    Little Caiba Offset machine

    Hi, Has anyone seen / operated one of these very small machines? Welcome Caiba printing machine I'm thinking of getting one for small runs of business cards. Don't know how well solids etc. will come out on it, but probably okay for text matter. What do you think? Thanks! Nicolas
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    Editing images in Acrobat

    Sometimes when editing an image in a PDF file (from Acrobat; ctrl-click 'edit image'), after closing Photoshop, the image inexplicably drops to the bottom left of the PDF page. Does anyone know the reason for this or how to fix it? Thanks! -Nicolas
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    RSS links

    Where have the RSS links gone?
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    Garfield sans Garfield - I love it in the morning!

    I always enjoy the whattheythink Dilbert cartoon in the morning. My next favorite is +Garfield without Garfield+. If you haven't heard of it before, check out This sublime idea consists of nothing but taking old Garfield cartoons and eliminating Garfield et al...
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    Profile Connection Space

    Should the PCS of the input profile ideally match that of the destination profile? If Adobe RGB has XYZ as it's PCS and a printer profile has L*a*b* does that degrade quality? Probably the CMM that has to handle this problem, I suppose (?). If my profiling package only spits out output...
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    Who/what prints iPhoto books?

    Just for interest's sake; does anyone know who Apple uses to print their photobooks? Which machines? Obviously one of the best digital presses. I've never seen an Apple photobook, otherwise I might be able to guess. Haven't really needed to ever order one, having access to "my own" digital...
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    Tints of L*a*b* colours

    Here's a question for you colour-savvys out there. If one is dealing with a LAB colour (or, you've measured a Pantone colour), how could one determine what a tint of that colour would measure in LAB, without having to actually print it out. Obviously depends on your curves, substrate etc., but...
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    Perfect Binding Digital Prints

    Our shop are investigating bringing quick-turn-around perfect-binding in-house. At the moment we outsource for binding and almost all of the jobs are thread-sewn. The reason for this is that we've had very bad experiences with perfect bound books falling apart. You see, I'm talking specifically...
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    Convert stroke to fill in Indy or Illustrator CS2

    Hi all! Does anyone know how to convert a stroke to a fill (or 'stroke a stroke') in InDesign or Illustrator CS2? I've been searching through the online help in vain. Maybe there's another solution to my problem: I have a shape with a thick white stroke that overlaps another similar shape. My...
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    Font Management in OSX

    Hello there, The files that I receive have, 99% of the time, been PDF; consequently I've never explored font management much. I have one specific question about it: I'm dealing more-and-more with open files lately. If I receive a packaged InDesign file, what is the best way to install the...

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