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    E618d Screen 8800III

    the machine produce plates well but after one hour maybe come this error because the possibilities are many any idea where and how can i check and locate the problem ? ee
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    Metashooter 3.x ,connection to CTP Agfa Acento II S

    not needed any change
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    Metashooter 3.x ,connection to CTP Agfa Acento II S

    8600 with Metashooter with pif board is ok
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    Screen 8000II error code

    If error go off and return probleby bad laser if no bad laser drive board prepare power supply 5v 60 amp also in case
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    when editors is offline (not conect to AE) there is no problem
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    few weeks ago we start lagging some randomize files when opening in editors package + plato duration 5 min and few sec after this duration all is ok anyone experience like this before ?
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    Topsetter 74 autoloader error

    Beside air pressure motor
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    Topsetter 74 autoloader error

    Yes i have the same error our technician change it. Tomorrow i take pic of the part if i find it. Its very cheap , i forget the name white small cilinder .
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    Topsetter 74 autoloader error

    there is small part need to replace
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    Fast Impose

    still using it version 14
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    SCREEN PLATE RITE 4000 E4e0b : expoure head error

    how can you know shorted leds?
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    i have full avanta 44 parts
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    cleaning solutions for chiller 8800III HR450

    NEW CLEANSTAR HP (cleaning detergent) 100047287V00 (20 L) This cleaning detergent is hydrogen peroxide solution (H2O2). The hydrogen peroxide solution can be used as an oxidizing agent, a bleaching agent, and an antiseptic solution. KURIBERTER K-300 (neutralizing agent for hydrogen peroxide...
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    does esko cdi have 5080 dpi option ?

    i send him 5080 dpi tiff files to expose probably the machine not esko but alternative one
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    screen 8800 III standby

    i know after 10 min the leds be off automatically but our service man advised to shut down machine every time when i finish my plates i want to ask : are usually turn off your machines ? many time in one day ?
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    does esko cdi have 5080 dpi option ?

    our plate maker says he made our plate on 5080 dpi on esko cdi this make sense ?
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    PT-R 8600 problem

    ptr 8600 s i swap the boards and error change from card 2 to 1
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    PT-R 8600 problem

    i have same problem any feedback how solve the problem ?
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    mark and andy 2200 support

    markandy 2200
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    mark and andy 2200 support

    i have a questions about some printing tips and tricks related to print than the press so i need support from a person who have real world experience .. ;)

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