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    E618d Screen 8800III

    the machine produce plates well but after one hour maybe come this error because the possibilities are many any idea where and how can i check and locate the problem ? ee
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    few weeks ago we start lagging some randomize files when opening in editors package + plato duration 5 min and few sec after this duration all is ok anyone experience like this before ?
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    cleaning solutions for chiller 8800III HR450

    NEW CLEANSTAR HP (cleaning detergent) 100047287V00 (20 L) This cleaning detergent is hydrogen peroxide solution (H2O2). The hydrogen peroxide solution can be used as an oxidizing agent, a bleaching agent, and an antiseptic solution. KURIBERTER K-300 (neutralizing agent for hydrogen peroxide...
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    screen 8800 III standby

    i know after 10 min the leds be off automatically but our service man advised to shut down machine every time when i finish my plates i want to ask : are usually turn off your machines ? many time in one day ?
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    does esko cdi have 5080 dpi option ?

    our plate maker says he made our plate on 5080 dpi on esko cdi this make sense ?
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    mark and andy 2200 support

    i need a pressman or technical person to phone or mail support
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    Calculate Ink Key Settings

    i have difficulty to find Calculate Ink Key Settings (InkPlanner) in workflow mode i see it in single tasks i just want to have pl report i know the InkPlanner ticket cannot be launched separately. It always needs to be part of a 'task chain' preceded by an Expose to FlexRip ticket. It cannot...
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    Trueflow 7 dtc installation files needed

    Anyone can send me source file of trueflow 7 dtc files
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    How can I drive Avalon n8-50

    Recently we buy used Avalon come with apogee 8 , we have our rip and happy with that in apogee there are module called platemaker if IAM not wrong it works like old print drive ? (Accept one bit Tiff files and burn it?) p.s server came with ep-b box with lan interface Our technicishan does not...
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    Ep-b101 scsi box supported programs

    I buy a machine ptr8800 with ep-b101 box but without software which software support this box and their versions I need just shooter
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    how can i use a digital plate checker batch file in esko ?

    how can i use a digital plate checker batch file in esko ?
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    screen 8800 comes without card ! ? just lan interface

    i will buy used screen 8800 series but they told me there's no scsi card anymore , just lan cable plug to the machine , currently i run my 8600S with tif meta shooter from heidelberg , and the owner guy says comes with apogee i don't want to change my config just i need shooter can i install...
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    Advice to how to verify machine status

    I have a screen 8600 for almost 10 years i want to buy a new used one like 8800 with glv technology but since i dont have any exprtise in glv can anyone guide me what i must check i know the lamp and reflecter have almost 10 000 hours average My doubt is i recevie screen shoot that tells the...
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    kDuplicateUsedReferenceinfo caution

    after updating when we image plato files i see this caution but all thins is ok in the output but this annoying anyone getting msg's like this ? all versions 16.02 AE+IE+plato
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    BGSYSTEM user default password

    i have facing difficulties when setup container located in windows system bgsystem can not have rights i know i must create bgsystem user but the old default password bot work anymore anyone knows what the default password in esko platform 16
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    ae 16 and imposition

    we recently upgraded to ae 16 but we facing problem to rerip our old imp files made by fastimpose 7 anyone facing this ? p.s i know i must convert imp tp pdf then rip but i get error msg in this stage
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    about digital printers?

    Our company thinking to buy a digital printer to become first one in our area But we don't have much knowledge about them We are thinking to print small amount of book Maybe also stickers, covers, business card Botten line we need light production in first years until market is accept this...
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    apogee v5 can handle one bit files

    i can burn on ctp drive by apogge v5 output my one bit files? i need printdrive?
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    SM102-5-t3 plate size

    anyone can help me to find the min and max plate size can handle this machine ?
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    roland 200 and zero position

    we have a prepress center and have lot of customers have Rolland we burn the plates always for all Roland customers 5.3 cm from beginning of plate to beginning of the job but one of them ( this is new customer ) after we burn the plates the tell me can not print them and want reburn the plates...

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