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    Cannot get uncoated side of C1S to run through our Ricoh to save my life

    Hoping someone might have some insight on this. We have a Ricoh c7100, I can run the coated side of ~16pt C1S all day long without issue, but the uncoated side immediately pulls 2~3 sheets and misfeeds constantly. I've tried everything I can think of. Anti-static tinsel and spray. Winding the...
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    Trying to print folded text blocks for case bound book in sequential page order

    (Ricoh c7100, Fiery CW6) We're producing a very short run of 9"x12" case bound books. We have to supply the text signatures to the binding vendor in sequential page order like with perfect binding, however they also have to be folded. The plan is to run it in sets of 16 pages (4x nested...
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    Stumped trying to run numbered multi-page PDF on NCR

    Ricoh c7100 / Fiery Command Station 6 / FS150 Pro *Preface that I'm relatively new to operating a digital press, coming from a design position. I have a 200-page PDF, sequentially numbered in reverse order, to print 200 sets of NCR forms. Obviously I need the same page/number to print multiple...

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