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    Heard of Affinity Designer?

    Trying to replace Illustrator?
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    Convert PDF to PDF/A-1A format

    Does anyone know of a way to convert a large number of existing PDF files to PDF/A-1A, not X-1A, format other than using Acrobat 8 preflight tool? Would like to be able to drag and drop to 1st choice of using a hot folder. If not a hot folder maybe an application that would do this outside of...
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    Acrobat save as PostScript - font handling options

    When saving as postscript using Acrobat you get three options for font handling. The "Fonts & Resource policy" can be set to: 1. Send at start 2. Send by range 3. Send for each page Do you use one vs the other or ever have a difference between them? Thanks, Local1

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What about Profitability?
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