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    Epson P8000 Clogged Head

    I have a clogged head in my LK ink. I've done all the cleanings from Epson menu, but cannot get a clean print in the nozzle check, and it shows up in mild banding on actual prints. I've done a lot of searching in Google and YouTube, but haven't run across any relevant data for the P-Series...
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    XMF and Taffeta

    We're currently using Screen's TrueFlow, but in a couple of months will be transitioning to XMF. We run a mixture of traditional dot and SPEKTA (Screen's version of stochastic). In many files that contain blends or gradients, we have found that SPEKTA can salvage a job on press so there is no...
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    Strange Epson 9900 Issue

    I have a strange issue that I wonder if anyone else has run into. We run color proofs to Epson 9900 with built-in Spectro through ORIS Color Tuner. Jobs have started to fail when reading the IDEAlliance GRACoL print target. The B11 color (which looks like a 50% tint of the dark green) is always...
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    Fuji Acuity Issue?

    We own a Fuji Acuity HS, using KI inks. Substrate samples provided to us from Fuji look significantly better than what we can produce. Fuji has been unable or unwilling to provide information about how their samples were produced. The best way I can describe the difference between the samples...
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    How Many Make-Ready Sheets

    On average, assuming properly calibrated plates and ink presets, how many sheets does it take your pressman to get at or near a color match during the make-ready stage? Thanks Jim

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