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    Looking for resources for new salesperson

    We are bringing a new salesperson on board at my print shop, and she will be working remotely for a while, finishing up some schooling. I am looking for any great videos, articles, resources, etc., that will help onboard her and help familiarize her with the print processes. For both digital and...
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    Print Embellishment w/ Spot UV

    Ahh... I see. Yes, I would imagine it would fit our customer base extremely well, and we do a fair amount of outsource embellishment. I love @jwheeler's comments regarding the sample kit and providing an extra sheet so the customer's have to choose to say no to the embellishment, not the other...
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    Print Embellishment w/ Spot UV

    Ricoh 7200 with 5th color? We looked long and hard at that, decided that near line would get us better results... Not worked well for you?
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    Print Embellishment w/ Spot UV

    Thanks JWheeler!! Interesting that my sales guy (a KM dealer and partnered up with another dealer) has yet to offer this model at all!! We like the Duplo model in that it provides a relatively cost-effective model to get us into the market. Do you know how the two models compare in price? I have...
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    Print Embellishment w/ Spot UV

    Family owned print shop looking into purchasing a raised spot UV machine. Looking into the Duplo 810 heavily. Does anyone have any experience with this machine, or any others that specialize in this sort of print embellishment? Trying to add onto the value added equation and further...

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What about Profitability?
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