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    Accuset 1400 - black is not black enough

    Hallo Friends, finally, I am able to print on my Accuset. I have used Appletalk drivers from WIN2K and Adobe Illustrator 8.0, all at Win XP. Nice, that works! I need to make films for PCB samples production, so I need full white and full black only. But unfortunatelly, I am not able to get the...
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    Looking for Agfaset software

    Hallo, please, I am trying to make an old Accuset working and I think, I need software Agfaset, but cannot find it. Agfa support wrote me, that there is no support for such old machine. Can anybody send me this software? Thanx a lot.
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    Agfa Accuset 1400 Plus - how to connect?

    Dear friends, I have bought old imagesetter Agfa Accuset 1400 Plus with internal RIP. I would llike to use it sometimes to make films for PCB samples production. Machine came without any docs, software etc. It seems it works, I am able to print machine's test page. But I don't know how to send...

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