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  1. kansasquaker

    Delivery charges (FedEx)

    We've had them update addresses and deliver to businesses that have moved. I don't know if that would apply to a residential address tho.
  2. kansasquaker

    Delivery charges (FedEx)

    We also run lists through Cass and NCOA but still get lots of correction charges from both UPS and FedEx. Some of them seem legit. Some are ridiculously minor. Some are flat out incorrect. All cost $18 and we aren't gonna get it back unless we want to spend at least $50 worth of time arguing...
  3. kansasquaker

    LA Times is wobbling

    If you have to ask how much money they lose every year, you can't afford it.
  4. kansasquaker

    Thermography Printing & Slow Dry Ink Question

    Kodak Nexpress raised clear toner can be made to look a lot like thermography. We do a handful of business cards that way.
  5. kansasquaker

    Introducing Your Team

    Yeah, but shouldn't he be telling the customer about their environmental, health and safety protocols plus additional Covid-19 precautions first?
  6. kansasquaker

    The Celebration

    I've never understood why people don't put QR codes on their cards. Isn't the goal to get me to save your information? The odds of that are much better if I don't have to tell the reader app there isn't an "S" in your phone number.
  7. kansasquaker

    Printing Industry Standards/Dealer Ethics/Disclosures

    I've purchased a number of machines that were used as demonstration models at shows from a variety of vendors. Each and every time I was told up front and received a discount off the price of a new machine. Sometimes the warranty was extended to meet or exceed the warranty on a new machine...
  8. kansasquaker

    Trump pumps Kodak

    It looks like we'll find out. SEC is going to investigate. I think the 1.75 million shares were just options. I don't think that would show up in trade volume.
  9. kansasquaker

    Trump pumps Kodak

    Would you say the tall bar is roughly 20x taller than the previous shorter bar? If so, the graph is accurate - according to the CNBC article you posted anyway: "On Monday, prior to the announcement, 1,645,719 shares traded hands in the stock, far surpassing Friday’s 74,893 trades, and Thursday’s...
  10. kansasquaker

    Trump pumps Kodak

    Kodak is moving into pharmaceutical manufacturing, but "remain 100% committed to print and will continue to invest in ground-breaking innovations, especially in digital print. Print will be an important revenue source as the new pharmaceutical business gets up to speed.” ~Kodak executive...
  11. kansasquaker

    So How many prepress technicians got laid off because of Covid-19

    That is a horrible way to treat employees, and most employers don't act that way. But employment at will allows employers to hire people without fear of a long term performance on the employee's part. We all know how many awful teachers are in our public school system, protected by tenure...
  12. kansasquaker

    So How many prepress technicians got laid off because of Covid-19

    This is a sad example of how socialist policies designed to protect the worker actually do the exact opposite in practice. The government is essentially forcing an employer to fire an employee for fear of future obligations to that person. Sorry this has happened to you.
  13. kansasquaker

    Mailing Question

    The CSR at Postage Saver is correct. Unless you're claiming a walk sequence discount, the order of the pieces in tray does not matter a bit.
  14. kansasquaker

    Can You Get Coronavirus From the Mail?

    That doesn't exactly make me feel warm and fuzzy about sending out mail projects. 😬
  15. kansasquaker

    Job Status

    It's just an excuse, but some customers almost force you to lie. It's more efficient than trying to explain the truth. If they haven't learned how the process works after 20 years in the business, I'm not going to be the one to teach them lol!😂😂😂
  16. kansasquaker

    CSR and Prepress roles merging (a little)?

    Excellent observation. I believe this lies at the heart of many workflow and employee issues in the printing industry. Based on my personal experience, "the blame" is too often placed on a single person. Too frequently it falls on the most capable individuals because they are responsible for...
  17. kansasquaker

    Social Media

    Perhaps, but sometimes there are no other employees to hire in place of a bad one. Perhaps the employee is upset that they were rightfully passed over for a promotion, is ill informed, exaggerating or being untruthful about issues at the company. The world is full of potentially bad 'what...
  18. kansasquaker

    Social Media

    Yes. A person is entitled to speak their mind, and an employer cannot prevent them from so doing. Employers are people and they have rights too. Why would or should an employer have to pay somebody who insists on disparaging their company? If an employee is unhappy, they can quit. Employers...
  19. kansasquaker

    Social Media

    I'm so sick of hearing 'freedom of speech' misapplied. The first amendment (in the US) limits government action against you. It does not give you impunity from the rest of society. You do not have a right to your job. If the people paying you are dissatisfied with your actions, they have...
  20. kansasquaker

    Matt Beals

    Oh no, I am terribly sorry to hear this. Matt was an excellent contributor here and a terrific support person for Metrix. I always enjoyed working with him. He was smart, kind and empathetic. He was one of the rare, good ones.

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