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    Hybrid Packz & RIP vs Esko

    Thanks for your input krez71. Brian – I'll try calling you later today or tomorrow. I have your number.
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    Hybrid Packz & RIP vs Esko

    Has anyone here migrated from Esko software to Hybrid? If so, can you comment on the pros and cons? I'm currently using DeskPack with PowerLayout Client, PowerTrapper Standalone, Dynamic Barcodes. My RIP is Imaging Engine 18.0 and a stripped down version of Automation Engine 18.0 (DeskPack...
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    Xante Symphony workflow?

    Is anyone here still using/recommending Xante Symphony Flexo workflow? I did a search, but haven't found much mentioned about it in the last year. Is it a dying workflow? I'm looking to find a replacement for Nexus and Deskpack plugins - Esko is getting way too expensive for maintenance...
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    Founder PaSharp

    Has anyone received a price quote on PaSharp? I would be curious to see how it compares in price to my Deskpack plugins.
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    Server Recommendation for Automation Engine 10

    Thanks for the info. I really didn't think Esko's T710 configuration was necessary. There are a few things that were specced out by Esko in their system that I question that I would need. Keep in mind that I'm a single client operation. Their system is showing: Dual E5530 Processors - I'm...
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    Server Recommendation for Automation Engine 10

    Can anyone recommend a server for AE 10 and Nexus. I received a quote from my Esko rep on their recommended Gold server - it's a Dell in a T710 chassis with everything installed. It seems like it may be a little overkill since I'm a single client operation. I'm using Nexus and DeskPack, and my...
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    SMB Deskpack Lag with 10.6 OS

    I figured it out with the help of Apple's support forum. I created a file in my etc/ directory with the name "nsmb.conf". The text of the document is: [default] minauth=none streams=no soft=yes notify_off=yes domain=WORKGROUP port445=no_netbios [EGSERVER01] addr= I don't know...
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    Flexo Screen Angles

    I use: C=22.5 M=82.5 Y=7.5 K=52.5 and occasionally: C=7.5 M=67.5 Y=82.5 K=37.5 I'm outputting tiff files for a CDI from a Nexus RIP. My resolution is 2400 dpi @ 150 lpi for most jobs. Sometimes I'll use 175 lpi, but that's not often needed for most of our work.
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    SMB Deskpack Lag with 10.6 OS

    I recently switched to an iMac client running 10.6.6 OS and have been getting frequent lag/hangs (from 10 to 15 seconds) when navigating through the StepX (PowerLayout) windows or loading stepping xml files within Illustrator using SMB. It also happens when browsing files located on a WIN 2003...
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    Crop Image Data in PDF

    I could if they were files that I've created and I didn't have to worry about exact repositioning. Once you crop down a clipped image, it doesn't reposition itself correctly. Also, on these files I receive, there's about 20 images per document. I did figure out a way to do it in Illustrator, but...
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    Crop Image Data in PDF

    Is there a way to "Crop Image Data to Frames" like InDesign does, but on an already created PDF? For example, if I receive a PDF with an 8 x 10 image in it that only uses a 1 x 1 cropped area of that 8 x 10 image, is there a way to remove the unused image data? Any applications or plugins that...
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    TrapX (server) vs PowerTrapper (standalone)

    Thanks for the input! Do any of you have experience with StepX? I'm currently using PowerLayout (no ArtPro license) and it's probably more than I need for basic stepping - I really don't work with CAD die files or have the need for nesting, etc. It seems as though StepX would be more practical...
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    TrapX (server) vs PowerTrapper (standalone)

    Thanks for your reply. We are a smaller company (I am the prepress), so it looks like PowerTrapper would probably be the best option - I rather avoid server tasks if possible.
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    TrapX (server) vs PowerTrapper (standalone)

    Can anyone comment on TrapX (server) vs PowerTrapper (standalone)? Is there a difference in features between the two? I'm looking at upgrading to the Nexus PDF RIP, but I'm not sure I'm willing to give up my raster trapping (InSight) yet for all Illustrator based vector trapping. I downloaded a...
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    Xanté / RIPiT or not!

    Can anyone compare OpenRIP Flexo to my current system running Nexus RIP, PowerLayout, Insight and DotSpy? I did have a demo on the OpenRIP (about 4 years ago) prior to purchasing the Nexus RIP, and I was impressed, but I couldn't find any reviews or customer input on the RIP and everyone seemed...

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