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  1. Ulrich

    looking for inksave software for supplied PDF file for offset printing

    I agree: ALWAN Cmyk-Optimizer is really a great tool for that! (The price ist not really low, but just have a look to your yearly amount of ink-bills and math with about 10-15% up to maybe even 30% less after using ALWAN is possible whith an adjusted GCR, but it depends from your...
  2. Ulrich

    No Worries

    in this highlighted times of politically correctness might be she will had worry less, when he had said "queen" instead "king"?
  3. Ulrich

    Callas PDF toolbox trimbox size info

    You do not need PitStop or Callas Toolbox, you will get the information about boxes rather quickly with the Crop-Tool in AcrobatPro too (look at the screenshot attached, the tool last right in the Menue on top, just choose the box you want to know top left in the dialogue and then look below...
  4. Ulrich

    My Story

    I am sure that Jim Carrey - or as the people in California say - Jim Carry looks good on every customers screen... ;-)
  5. Ulrich

    My Story

    You always pitch so hard Gordo! ;-)
  6. Ulrich

    Disappearing dot gains?

    That (!) was the reason in our case plenty years ago, that had caused a remarkable different about minimum 10% ...
  7. Ulrich

    My Story

    I had to search that actor..., now find the difference:
  8. Ulrich

    Disappearing dot gains?

    is this not a proof that in prepress everything is unchanged and well okay? ask them exactly this again when a customer will confront them with a green 50(!)-0-100-0 in file on a periodically brochure which is now printed in another green or - because you had fixed it already with a correction...
  9. Ulrich

    The Real Secret Santa

    If at sometimes later than now very young readers should get lost here in this thread, it must be very funny for them to discover what serious topics the adults who always seem so serious are actually dealing with ... ;-)
  10. Ulrich

    The Real Secret Santa

    ah, thanks: i know that secret santa game, but here it is called "Wichteln" Mrs Claus: I'm even more excited about her cookies than her mask... ;-)
  11. Ulrich

    The Real Secret Santa

    Hm, unfortunatly it is much to much seasonal to work as a Santa Claus to hire than working as a plumber instead of staying at prepress, but: Nice mask! By the way: Did anybody heard about Mrs Claus before? His wife or his Mom?
  12. Ulrich

    The Inheritance

    ...hopefully not against a wall? ;-)
  13. Ulrich

    Service Agreement

    I have my ideas, but I do not understand why prepressdork had not answered your questions till yet... What I have posted above is exactly that, what the involved people and companies with more or less knowledgement about that questioned stuff either passive or active accept as an common...
  14. Ulrich

    "white base: absolute" ?

    not with DeltaE CIE 1976, but with the aclaimed DeltaE CIE 2000 it is possible but not really simple in every case ,-)
  15. Ulrich

    Service Agreement

    The (German) Federal Association of Printing and Media (BVDM) is selling a huge compendium regarding the ISO 12647-7:2016 and other, but just in german language i guess: ProzessStandard Offsetdruck The PSO (Prozess Standardisation Offset) is not „just“ a manual for the industry, it is also...
  16. Ulrich

    Happy Diwali !

    So, what did he said?
  17. Ulrich

    Happy Diwali !

    Ha, I guess here is something got lost in translation: Because I understood "priceless" (in the meaning of "white is cheaper") as the fathers answer... ;-)
  18. Ulrich

    Opportunity Comes Due

    He should offer toilet paper too...
  19. Ulrich

    Happy Diwali !

    what a capitalistic answer! ;-) He could have answered white snow is more nice, because white snow is reflecting the light much better than blue or purple. Or at least additionally ... But if he would have started explaining the stuff with the additive color mixing, that the same parts and...
  20. Ulrich

    Happy Diwali !

    and this is the way some people in the country from where the snow shovelers ancestors might be come from and also might be some cousins of them are still living did saying hello to the new year in 2018/19. (hope the link works...)

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