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  1. Cornishpastythighs

    Shopping Bags

    They do all kihds of printing on their bags did you read the whole website?
  2. Cornishpastythighs

    Shopping Bags
  3. Cornishpastythighs

    Offine UV Coatings
  4. Cornishpastythighs

    Study shows face masks don’t stop infections

    wonder how many people you may have infected with your careless behaviour, selfish bleeder
  5. Cornishpastythighs

    Printing Blankets for ManRoland 700, 900

    Talk to your ink supplier they could also be a supplier of pressroom consumables and you could probably get a better deal as you are using their ink.
  6. Cornishpastythighs

    Inks From Flint Packaging Join HolyGrail Recycling Initiative

    "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." You mean 'A Gram of prevention is worth a Kilo of cure' Doesn't have the same ring to though
  7. Cornishpastythighs

    Ikea stops catalogue
  8. Cornishpastythighs

    Nebiolo die cutter manual

    Blimey there's a name from the past Nebiolo. I used to have one for their printing press that was so old it was illuminated by some monks. sorry cant help but thanks for the memory
  9. Cornishpastythighs

    Flexo repeatability issue

    when I was running UV litho we had to have all the lights around and over the press 'shielded' against the stray UV light from our plant lighting. It would start the Polymerization process of the ink in the ink fountain and rollers. Just some info from a UV litho guy.
  10. Cornishpastythighs

    Flexo repeatability issue

    Not sure if this is relevant Do you have a regular Anilox roller cleaning procedure in place and do you have a way to measure/check the condition of your Aniloxes
  11. Cornishpastythighs

    Prepress Job Interview

    Thats Gold
  12. Cornishpastythighs

    Roller replacement
  13. Cornishpastythighs

    LM Special red not passing a 90 degree rub test.

    What other tests have you done. Ethanol is used for testing the cure of UV inks; while Methyl Ethyl Ketone (M.E.K.) is used to test the curing of UV varnishes. What does the rub test tell you, how many rubs are you getting with a 2lb/4lb weight. Have you done a Sutherland test. You dont say what...
  14. Cornishpastythighs

    anilox recommendation

    Look at getting what is called a 'Banded Anilox' this will help you decide what anilox rollers you might need
  15. Cornishpastythighs

    Approved color

    Printing Supervisor usually approves colour at press and QA's role is to ensure that quality is maintained.
  16. Cornishpastythighs

    ink kitchen

    The amount of specialized equipment you will need to manufacture your own ink will be an enormous cost plus you will still have to find suppliers of vehicles varnishes and pigments. Better to contact reputable ink suppliers and have them install an 'ink room' in your facility

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