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    ECRM Mako 56 I need service manual

    Hi. Anyone could share Mako 56 SM, manual etc? Thank you, Chris
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    Most reliable CTP machine for a weekly tabloid?

    For weekly newspaper any CTP can do. I would choose machine with quick and not expensive service support and widely available spare parts.
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    Error E5104 in Screen PTR 4300 CTP

    As I wrote: Remove top cover, in what position transport unit is now? Go to service menu, M55: Path, move it up and down to check is it moving. Check transport unit springs if not broken.
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    Error E5104 in Screen PTR 4300 CTP

    Remove top cover, in what position transport unit is now? Go to service menu, M55: Path, move it up and down to check is it moving. Check transport unit springs if not broken. Check for any mechanical jam. 7155 is Ex155 : Tail clamps are missing during initialization. Are tail clamps placed on...
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    Screen CTP

    When diode dies, one module is off. For example: 16 laser machine will use only 8 lasers - 2x slower expose. Second hand, good emission diodes cost here 200 Euro. New from reputable dealer 800-1200Euro. Alibaba affordable, but no warranty. I have machines under service contract, 200k+ and...
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    Rip agfa apogee pdf

    Check PM
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    Another request . . . Screen PT-R8600 Manual

    Put them on wetransfer or zippyshare Chock. Share links here.
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    Accuset 1400 - black is not black enough

    Take a piece of film, expose to sunlight, than run through processor and check black density.
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    pt 8600 locking laser for shipping

    Is the floor flat? No bumps? Forklifter or on it's own wheels? Flat floor and on wheels I wouldn't bother locking it.
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    Holepunching Errors?

    1. Take piece of film, 30-40cm long and insert it to film exit slot, where film go to the output casette. Is it stuck somewhere or you can push it inside freely? 2. Open drum cover on the left side, load film and observe where it stops.
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    Avantra 44s Cutter not working.

    Do you have service cable and avdiag software? Possible reasons could be faulty SDM, cutter motor, photocell and so on. First remove cutter assembly, check for film pieces might blocking photocell, wires eaten by mices ;) and so on.
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    Looking for Openrip Symphony 5

    Hi. I'm looking for installation disc image since my CD is lost and I need to reinstall. Anyone could share please? Thanks, Chris
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    Laser Driver Board

    Sorry for late reply, but those procedures are not included in SM. Just checked that. Chris
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    Adobe CS3 w/o online activation

    Hello. Anyone could share CS3 standard version which was distributed by Adobe after activation servers close? I need to reinstall it on new hard drive, got retail box with serial, but I can't activate for obvious reason. Or... someone know how to activate is with my serial offline. Thank you...
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    Atlas Quad Stack and cip3

    It have EPG Keycolor ink control system installed. How to read cip3 files generated in workflow? Anyone? Thanks.
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    Fuji Plate Availability - What About Other Vendors?

    Shortages in Agfa in EU too. Some sizes are impossible to get, no problems before.
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    Screen PTR 8300 Error E517c PH25 sensor illegal.

    Usually -5V cable going to the head is broken. Easy check: measure cable impedance with DMM or measure voltage on PS and on the head under load. I had to replace the cable in a few machines because of -5V error. -5V PS error is rare.
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    Agfa Rapiline 66 Instruction Manual required

    Rapiline 66
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    Laser Driver Board

    I should have it in paper SM. Will check and come back.
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    processless ...or not?

    My customers, with low plates volumes use processless. 1000m^2 and more per month stick to conventional.

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