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  1. Laurens

    Apogee v11 announced

    Version 11 of Apogee Prepress will be available later this year. Its imposition engine has been extended to combine more types of jobs on a press sheet. There is improved support for digital presses, a new web client and of course a new release of Apogee WebApproval. The latter includes support...
  2. Laurens

    Who is still using Acrobat Distiller?

    I was proofreading a technote which described how some problem could be fixed using specific Adobe Acrobat Distiller settings. It made me wonder if there are actually still people using Distiller. Are there? If so, why? Distiller is still a part of Acrobat so one can only assume there is still...
  3. Laurens

    A few pics from the Dutch Museum of Lithography

    It is only a 45-minute drive for me but for some reason I never got around to visiting the stoneprinting museum. An overcast day during the holidays was the perfect reason to go take some pictures. Check my pictures of old presses, an ancient repro camera and some nice posters if you are into...
  4. Laurens

    What do you call a partially reversed 2-part 2-cover brochure?

    I am looking for the English term for a brochure or magazine that consists of two separate parts (eg an English and French part) that each have their own cover. For a 32-page booklet the first part would be the English cover followed by English pages 2 to 16 and then you have pages 16 to 2 of...
  5. Laurens

    What's new in Apogee Prepress v9

    If you are using version 8 of Apogee Prepress, check out the page on the new features of Prepress 9. Since I am working on the online portal part of it, I obviously also need to add a shameless plug for my page on WebApproval v9 and the first of the accompanying videos.
  6. Laurens

    2014 - a look back at the prepress and printing news

    I've just added a page with the main 2014 prepress and printing news to my site. From that page you can jump back one year at a time, all the way to 1984. It can be a fun thing to do if things are a bit slow at work :-) Please let me know if there are any major things I overlooked.
  7. Laurens

    Levels editing tool for PDFs

    I recently got asked if there is a tool that allows you to use Photoshop-alike curves to color correct PDFs. Some uses: give the general curve an S-shape to add a bit of punch to all the images, pull 5% out of the cyan channel or once again use the main channel to add a compensation curve for...

Controlling the Purse Strings


By Noel Ward, Editor@Large
What did you buy for your
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