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    Duplo finishing machines

    In my opinion the value of the Duplo we have (616) isn't in comparing how fast you can cut them compared to a guillotine. The key is that I can do something else on the guillotine while the Duplo cuts. 616 is great, we've had it for around 3 years and no regrets.
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    Fiery Color Question

    That looks like an issue with how your RIP is reading the RGB information. Have you tried a different RGB source within the Color input tab?
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    Sleeking Queries

    yeah we tried that right out of the gate and it was a no-go. Sleeking onto anything less than super smooth will have deletions. We only offer direct foil (no lamination) on coated stocks.
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    Sleeking Queries

    Only thing I would mention about overprinting onto foil is that the toner is pretty fragile. It has a tendency to scratch off if handled too hard. We've also had good results with Foil/CMYK Overprint/Laminate - it gives a really cool kind of brushed aluminium look to the foiled areas.
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    Sleeking Queries

    Query 1 - Yep, you can do it. I run foil direct to a C2S Cover and then print CMYK over the foil often on both our 1000i and Versant 2100. Query 2- I haven't had luck foiling over any CMYK prints for the exact same reason, the foil sticks to the security pattern. We have a clear foil which we...
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    Toner Foiling Problem on Soft Touch Laminate - How to get rid of foil spots

    We have the Matrix as well as a Versant 2100 so similar setup. Whenever we get excess foil dots we adjust the pressure on the roller. Small adjustments can make a big difference.
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    Plastic stock suggestion?

    We use Mohawk Synthetic Performance Polyester in both 8mil and 14mil. The 14mil is good for menus and business cards but as BobRym said, the toner will definitely scratch off if not treated with either a UV coat or a laminate. We run it through our Xerox 800 and Versant 2100 with no issues.
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    Command Workstation: Using a separate file for a common side

    I would love to know if there's an easy way to do this too. Easiest for me right now is manual duplex.
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    Toner adhesion problems

    Really interesting topic, as we run the Mohawk Everyday in 120# Cover as our main uncoated sheet. We're using a Versant 2100 so pretty much the same scenario as you. I had never heard of a "tape test" so interested I just did one on a full coverage area and you're absolutely right, toner came...
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    Xerox Consumables

    How many machines were you running to need 11 Fuser Webs and 15 Waste Toner bottles?
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    Brochure Folding ?

    Yeah the CF375 has a knife folder but it creases prior to the fold so no cracking. The lowest weight stock we routinely run is a 70# Accent Opaque. Me personally, I would never fold anything digitally printed without a crease. We have a Duplo 616Pro that we do use for flat output greeting...
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    Brochure Folding ?

    You could invest in a unit that creases and folds in one pass. Couldn't imagine not having one in our shop, absolutely crucial for us. We have a Touchline Foldmaster CF375. While grain direction will absolutely lessen toner cracking, we routinely run 300-350 gsm stock with perfect results.
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    Duplo DC-615 Pro

    Absolutely love it. Before we purchased it we were doing all our business card cutting on a guillotine which was so labour intensive. It's to the point now where I can't imagine functioning without it, if I could go back I would have gotten the 645 though for it's added features.
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    Duplo DC-615 Pro

    We have a DC-616 Pro, not sure what the difference would be but we use ours for 13'x19" 24 up sheets. The limitation is it can only do 2 gutter slits and the two side slits (6 total). 21 up on SRA3 should be just fine, I think the minimum side slit distance is 5mm off the top of my head.
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    Versant envelope printing

    I just completed 2500 9x12 open end 24# envelopes on our V2100 and it went super smooth. Loaded 250 at a time flap side first in the high cap feeder and selected the stacker tray to prevent nesting. Ran without a jam and stacked perfectly. Surprised me a bit as #10 envelopes usually have a...
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    Duplo 616 Replacement Blades

    Awesome, thanks, I'll give them a shout.
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    Duplo 616 Replacement Blades

    Hello all, does anyone have any experience with replacing the blades on a Duplo 616? We're noticing the slitters are starting to leave a scuffed edge that isn't as sharp as it was when new. The guillotine is still doing well. My first thought was to simply replace them so I got a quote from a...
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    Matrix pneumatic laminators? Foil & spot-uv

    Hey Joe, so far the process of receiving the Matrix has been less than stellar. We were promised no more than 5 weeks for delivery from the time we ordered the machine. It's now been 3 months, not too happy. But we have a delivery date of March 20th so as soon as it's up and running I'll post...
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    White Sleeking Foil

    The delivery of our new Matrix 530DP laminator is due any day now, we've already received a shipment of specialty films including some standard foils. We have gold, silver, red and blue but what I'm really interested in is a white foil. Has anyone successfully used a white foil in a sleeking...

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