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    what can i use a decommissioned fiery IC-303 for?

    hi, after paying over $40k for this 6 years back i am reluctant to chuck it out. but i never see 2nd hand rips being sold on ebay etc. can an old rip like this be given a new life, sure it won't be as fast as the latest rips but can it be useful - esp on a mutoh large format....? cheers
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    new canon c6011 & c7011

    hot on the heels of ricoh new release c5110s, c5100s Canon Digital Colour Production - Professional Print & Copy Solutions - Canon UK from the sales blurb its difficult ascertain improvement from previous model (6010/7010) any details greatly appreciated esp regarding possibility of banner...
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    banner prints - which light production machines can print 900mm or thereabouts?

    hello, been trawling as we are considering upgrading our km6500, primarily because rego (altho first we are trying 6500 paper adjustment procedure). i seem to remember c651/c751 (ricoh) can print 13" x 25" & km can print 900mm. More info (or links) regarding max paper size & max image size for...

Controlling the Purse Strings


By Noel Ward, Editor@Large
What did you buy for your
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