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  1. GregNac19

    Suggestions for Replacing Indigo with Toner press

    Take a look a the Ricoh 9200. You said you want low gloss and the KM and Canon will have higher gloss. Take a look at samples from all the vendors on your paper and you will see what I mean. I did a test on the Ricoh 7100x with a flood coat of clear toner all over the page and I did the same job...
  2. GregNac19

    Need Advice & Reviews - Leasing a new light Production Press

    If you are new to printing regardless of the machine partner with someone who; has placements in the field locally, (service techs should have some knowledge of issues or best practices), vendors who know how to set presets and calibration correctly up for you, and last but most important be a...
  3. GregNac19

    Does anyone use HP Pagewide?

    I actually sell the HP’s and the Xante products. There are 12x18 color page wide inkjet machines for sale right now. They are crazy fast (60ppm) and have fewer parts to be replaced like a laser engine. The model you need to look at are the P77740 or P77950. They have good quality on regular...
  4. GregNac19

    Used production printers

    Ok so what about if the used machine was let’s say a Ricoh Pro 9100 and it only had 2 million prints on it. The selling price a year and a half ago was roughly $250,000. If you could get that machine at $100,000 would that be worth it? If servicewas still covered by direct it whoever you would...
  5. GregNac19

    Used production printers

    I’m just wondering in the forum if people are interested in slightly used production equipment. What are your thoughts about used versus new? Do you guys and gals look at this as a used car or just outdated technology?
  6. GregNac19

    New to printing: Canon IR C9065 vs. Xerox 700

    I just wanted to make this known, the ricoh has the same replaceable units. The doing is1200by 4800. It is not spec to do 110 lb cover auto duplex,however it will do 256 gsm.
  7. GregNac19

    Xerox lease price check Help! newbie here

    If I was you I would ask for a demo model. Xerox was selling at the beginning of the year for about $15K with bustled Fierys. The price seems a little high to me. Make sure the clicks are fixed though. Also are you buying from an agent or a global? I used to work for the big X. Now I work for...
  8. GregNac19

    Xerox color 550

    I would consider a Ricoh 720 for the budget you showed. It is a production machine for the price of a Xerox very light production color. I have sold both and I was suprised at the quality of the 720. Take some samples and see what you think and how they compare to your current prints. Price wise...
  9. GregNac19

    Xerox new-refurbished supplies

    The machines are done that way as well. If you get a machine that is 1 year are more old. Check the T&Cs and you will see most machines are "Newly Manufactuered".
  10. GregNac19

    Xerox color 550

    Sorry but the 550 is not the same as the 700. It was billed as the "slower/cheaper" version of the 700. The truth is it is a 252 with more office capablities. The question to ask always is, "Can I get a fax on this machine"? If yes than you don't have a production or light production machine. No...
  11. GregNac19

    Why is the Konica $1/2 the xerox

    Price increase Price increase Since we are talking click rates if you buy a Xerox you need to get the clicks fixed. Their new language about anual price increases will read "Price Increase". What I mean is NO MAXIMUM. Xerox can go up 15-50% every year if they want to. Last year they went up...
  12. GregNac19

    Testing Xerox 7755

    Check and see if the registration will fits your needs. The bypass tray will move a lot from front to back. Do more than 10 prints in a demo first. Also just ask for a CED.
  13. GregNac19

    Why is the Konica $1/2 the xerox

    Crow taste good Crow taste good I have to eat crow here. I have left Xerox for Ikon(Ricoh). No more kool aid drinking for me. I always thought the 2400X2400 was the best! Until I just did some samples with the Ricoh 901 vs. the 700. Wow what an idiot I felt like. I have sold over 7 700's and...
  14. GregNac19

    Xerox DC242 vs Xerox WCP 7655 which is the difference?

    Don't forget the 2-3 cents cheaper cost per impression color cost on the DC242.
  15. GregNac19

    Any experience running 9x12 envelopes digitally?

    Check out the Xerox Phaser 7500. It cost way less and is the same engine as the Xante. The phaser does not come with the extra acessories.
  16. GregNac19

    new tv shows

    I can't believe no one has mentioned The Office. This is by far the funniest show. I love the comedies with NO laugh track.
  17. GregNac19

    From Xerox 700 (mis-sell) to Xerox 5000AP or Canon 6000VP?

    BLOW THE HORN. Canon Dealer here. I will answer this BS about the 700 later. Office product nothing!
  18. GregNac19

    Any experience running 9x12 envelopes digitally?

    I have done them on a Xerox ColorQube. This product works great without wrinkling. I will caution you that this product is not meant to be your workhorse printing device. It can handle flyers and envelops buy not glossy stock.
  19. GregNac19

    Toner supply dwindling from Xerox on the x700

    There is no buy-outs. No need to worry about them losing their jobs. "If" there is a place that is losing service techs it would be done by workload only. If the work is not there, they would cut techs. That is it. About the toner situation, every company wants to do the "just in time"...
  20. GregNac19

    From Xerox 700 (mis-sell) to Xerox 5000AP or Canon 6000VP?

    There is no way Xerox said 7mm was with in specs! The Front to back is 1mm in the CED. Either you are mistaken (1), Lied to by someone at Xerox (2), or you are a plant and are making this up (3). Why have you not used the TSG or gotten another service rep?????? Am I really supposed to believe...

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