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  1. johntheventer

    Probably deciding on Ricoh C5100s

    After looking at Xerox 550, KM6000 and 1060l we have looked at the Ricoh 5100s We need an entry level production machine (Volume about 15 000 large size / month) They very flexible on copy click price, they very helpful in finding solution, not just trying to sell as much as possible. We've...
  2. johntheventer

    Ricoh vs KM vs Xerox

    Greetings This is my first post here - although I've been reading the forum for advice for ages - really great platform this. Ok, Im from South Africa, run a small copy shop that has been around for 40 years. Last five years we getting into light production. Had a Xerox Docucolour 260 - great...

Controlling the Purse Strings


By Noel Ward, Editor@Large
What did you buy for your
business last week?
And how are you making sure everything you purchase is properly managed and accounted for?

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