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    Switch / EAL idea - thoughts?

    Pitstop Pro now as the ability to look for a graphic and detect if it is a known graphic. I want to do the following and am wondering the feasibility. You all might shoot a hole in it quickly before I waste time. Say I have five dies. I make five 2D barcodes say .5 x .5. I go into Illustrator...
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    Switch - sort pdfs by size

    Got to admit. Working from home today and cannot get to my Switch. However, I do not remember this feature? Would like to have centralized PDF in and then branches of say 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 5.5, etc If this cannot be done from within Switch, can a script be written?
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    Cannot get marks placed

    Tough to describe. Eal to to do the following. I get all the way to the final step Original pdf brought it. New PDF laid on top. Sizes are squirrelly, but after some tinkering, Crop, Trim, Art 8.5 x 11 Bleed and Media - 9.5 x 11 There are not marks on this as I removed them to get the two pdfs...
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    Colors Used in a PDF

    I do not think that Switch / Pitstop Server can do this - but thought I would ask if (a) I am wrong and they can or (b) there is a third party software that can. Assume there are no slugs that would throw things off. Pure 8.5 x 11 PDF that is 9.5 x 12. Assume as well that the artist did...
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    Switch stupid question

    Most of my Switch flows are pretty simple. I have copied / borrowed / pasted from ones supplied to get more complicated flows. I need help with this one. Assume I have 3 folders (Folder A, Folder B, Folder C) and each folder has 100 pdfs in each. I want to have a folder (Input) that Switch is...
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    Latest Indesign issue

    Had to download and install V16 because of a client. Kept In 16, we no longer save back to the folder it started in. Is that a setting I can change, or do we need an update from Adobe?
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    Pitstop Action - change a CMYK to Spot

    Am I so blind that I am missing this? I have a CMYK only PDF Need to add in a new PMS of say Pantone 186 U I want to select a fill of 100M 100Y and then tell it to become the Pantone. What am I missing? Thanks
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    Crop larger

    If I select the crop tool in Acrobat I can change the page size to a custom number. IE, job started at 8.5 x 11. But, I want 20 x 20. I can do this. How can I accomplish the same in Pitstop? I have tried every available option that I am aware of
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    Hardest Pitstop Server / Switch question ever...

    Question after the setup: Say I have a letter. It might go digital or it might go conventional. I want to start the PDF out of Indesign with say 9 spots, CMYK on the front and 1 spot and black on the back. I want the extra spots to get a much better piece off the digital press. (I have 1.3...
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    Any word on that Pitstop Pro (Catalina) installer?

    Any word on that Pitstop Pro (Catalina) installer?
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    Faster View in Acrobat

    I have the latest Acrobat. Nice one year old iMac with 64 gig of ram. Customer sent us INDD files that have a bajillion illustrator points in them. Created a 200 meg PDF. Initial view is PAINFUL. Is there a setting in preferences to help with files like this?
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    Pitstop Server or Switch - can they do this?

    I own both, but would prefer Switch. I want to drop in a bunch of PDFs. I want Switch to determine the actual PDF size (crop size?) Then, rename the PDF with that crop size after the name? Not looking for someone to do the work. Looking for direction.
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    Switch 18 - find last page of a PDF

    I have a multiple page PDF. Page count varies from 4 to 9 pages. I am taking pages 1 - 4 and splitting, dismantling, and then separating the pages via a "allow files that have P1 in the name" etc. Thus forcing P1 down the way I want to get cropped and an ear run against it. The issus is that...
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    Extract Pages - Pitstop Pro and or Switch

    I have searched the forum to no avail Simply want an .eal or Switch command that can extract the pages and name them the name of the file plus _p1 or _P2 Seems like it should be right in front of my face. Not seeing it. \Select page \Save selection Did not work
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    PowerSwitch issues with selects

    Strange issue with PowerSwitch. Main folder polls as PDFs are added in. Seven folders under. Each looking for a name that it allows it. IE, Folder one, Letter, OR LETTER, OR letter. Six of the seven work. Seventh has same structure. Identical. Looking for Note, NOTE, note. Finds it. Sends...
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    Delete layers

    Very simply, right? What am I missing. I want to select a layer that contain say, "Var". Heck. I would even accept calling it exactly as it stands - Variable. Then, I want to delete all but that layer. I used the regular Not and And and things like that that I am used to. To no avail. I even...
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    .291 bleed to .05

    OK. Going nuts. Customer consistently sends in 8.5 X 11 pages as .291 bleeds. We have a procedure to place into GMC software at -.5. Meaning I would like my PDF to be 9.5 X 12 I have tried everything I know with the crop, bleed, trim, and art boxes via an action list. I just can't make it...
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    Equios High Sierra

    Surely someone has gone to High Sierra with Equios? I am on V3, and when I do an install to a brand new High Sierra, I get Japanese fonts vs English. Any help?
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    Two of us travel quite often for our company. We have a license that sits on a license server at our plant. I want to be able to VPN in and see that license while on the road. Is this possible?
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    Select all pages except P1 and P2

    I have a pdf that I do not know the number of pages. (A could be 535 and b could be 10,687...who knows). I want to delete all but p1 and p2. I am sure this is done with a select all pages, then select P1 and P2 and do a "not"? But it is not working. I am not the best with And and Not

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