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    Propelling Your Business Forward—Part 4

    Propelling Your Business Forward—Part 4 Positioning Your Commercial Printing Business for Success By Noel Ward, Editor@Large Every business plan is predicated on success, but our turbulent times make success, which is different for every type of business, a moving target. What are other Print...
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    Propelling Your Business Forward—Part 3

    Propelling Your Business Forward—Part 3 Pinpointing and Pursuing High Growth Applications By Noel Ward, Editor@Large Self-confidence is key to growing a successful business but must be combined with the right product mix, knowing what customers value, and meeting their needs and expectations...
  3. noelward

    What? Fire a Customer?!

    Keith1... Have done somewhat the same. Nowadays I only do business with people I like and who pay promptly. Less revenue but less stress and I don't have to chase anyone for money or kiss any butts. Have fired a couple clients over the years. Was always a relief. Semi-retired works well and I...
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    What? Fire a Customer?!

    What? Fire a Customer?! By Noel Ward, Editor@Large Sooner or later the moment of reckoning arrives for every business-owner. There are always customers that cost you money, are too aggravating to work with or simply not worth the revenue they bring in. So what do you do? If the customer were...
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    Propelling Your Business Forward—Part 2

    I agree that both quality and customer expectations can be objective but without sufficient research data in the report I was writing about I cannot back up that perspective with any data. My job in this case was to report on the data provided, not editorialize or make assumptions about...
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    Paper Triage

    OK, so I can't get glossy paper. So how about you print on some nice 20-pound bond and put a flood coating on it? It'll be the same, right? The way things are going, in a few more years 20- and 24-pound bond will be about all you can easily get. (On allocation, of course.) Maybe 110 cover if...
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    Propelling Your Business Forward—Part 2

    Print quality. And I have edited the copy to reflect this. Thanks for catching this. I should have seen that before I uploaded! I have not gone into a detailed definition because it would get too far into the weeds and is actually a subjective topic.
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    Propelling Your Business Forward—Part 2

    Propelling Your Business Forward—Part 2 Enhancing In-Plant Product & Service Offerings By Noel Ward, Editor@Large One of the more interesting points in the latest Canon USA study is that the most successful in-plant operations seem more like well-run commercial print shops and may even compete...
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    Steps to Efficient Post-Press

    Steps to Efficient Post-Press Know your customers’ needs today and the future By Noel Ward, Editor@Large When it comes to finishing, the balance between sheet-fed offset or digital presses has to be weighed to ensure optimum throughput. Knowing this, I was not expecting die-cutters and...
  10. noelward

    Cloud-powered Print Production

    Cloud-powered Print Production Business intelligence you can see… and use By Noel Ward, Editor@Large With almost everything that takes place on a computer landing in “the cloud” these days, it’s no surprise that your print workflow can go there too. After all, the cloud is fast, reliable...
  11. noelward

    Still Rollin’ After All These Years

    Still Rollin’ After All These Years Xeikon Café shows versatility in both packaging and graphic arts By Noel Ward, Editor@Large With the arrival of the new normal the big players in the world of digital print are wasting no time in communicating with existing customers and attracting new ones...
  12. noelward

    Give Customers More

    Give Customers More How a Print MIS Adds Value for Customers and for You By Noel Ward, Editor@Large In case you haven’t noticed or are ignoring the problem and hoping it will go away, customers expect more than they once did. And are not shy about asking for or even demanding new levels of...
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    Pink? Yep. Pink.

    What about zombies?
  14. noelward

    Pink? Yep. Pink.

    My, my. Aren't we being hypersensitive! News flash for you: Dead people don't read. At least I don't hide behind a screen name.
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    Pink? Yep. Pink.

    Ha ha. Get a life.
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    Propelling Your Business Forward—Part 1

    Propelling Your Business Forward—Part 1 Print 2022 and Beyond By Noel Ward, Editor@Large The next twelve months offer great potential despite labor shortages and supply chain disruptions. Print providers and in-plants are planning growth and investing in people and technology, while chasing...
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    Pink? Yep. Pink.

    Don't be so sensitive. I have two daughters who think that's funny. But then they have a sense of humor.
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    Finger-Licking Good!

    Finger-Licking Good! Packaging that works from store through recycling By Noel Ward, Editor@Large “This just doesn’t taste right.” Those are the last words a company wants to hear a customer saying about any edible product. To help avoid this the U.S. government (primarily the FDA), followed...
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    What about Profitability?

    What about Profitability? Offset yields new advantages By Noel Ward, Editor@Large A couple years back I spent time talking with C-level print business owners in several states. They had three things in common: one, many had large, productive inkjet presses; two, they had a few toner presses...
  20. noelward

    Pink? Yep. Pink.

    Pink? Yep. Pink. It’s not just for girls anymore By Noel Ward, Editor@Large I’ve always been a fan of wide and large format printing. Even in the bad old days when it was only suitable for viewing at a distance, to my biased eye it was still doing stuff that was impractical with offset or...

What About Profitability?

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