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    Press Operator

    We are looking to hire a KBA Performa 74 press operator in the Houston Area. Offset Press Operator III
  2. J

    Inkjet recomendation

    Hello All, Our shop is looking to acquire a small format inkjet machine. We are looking to print stationary and envelopes any where from an A-2 to a 10x13 envelope. Any suggestions on who or what to look for?
  3. J

    Perfect binders- what's the best?

    We are looking to possibly purchase a perfect binder and looking at one the uses the PUR glue. Can anyone give me an idea which one is the best? We are going from using an old Rosback 880 to a much better upgrade hopefully. Thanks for your help :-)
  4. J

    OMC powder spray unit

    Does anyone know a company that carries parts for OMC spray units? I have an old one that the small screw in nozzle broke off and now I have a press down. HELP!!!
  5. J

    Ryobi 2800 with T-head registration

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone can help with a small problem, on our Ryobi 2800 when trying to line up with the T-head, on a 81/2 X 11 sheet of stock I can get the middle targets to line up but my top and bottom will not. If targeting the press on an 11 X 17 sheet I can get the targets to hit on the...
  6. J

    MBO Folder parts

    Hi, Not to sound stupid but can someone explain the differences in the parts for a folder? I'm talking about a split score, split slitter, solid slitter, and a split perf. I know lots about the printing department but now I'm learning the bindery aspect of it. Thanks so much:)
  7. J

    Soft touch Aqueous Coating

    What is a good temp for my heater to be set on for soft touch aqueous coating? :o
  8. J

    Proper densitomitor numbers

    Can someone give me the proper densitomitor numbers for running on gloss and the satin papers? I'm running k, c, m, and y. Thanks 😄
  9. J

    New system

    We are thinking of changing over to a new CTP system. Has anyone used Plate Writer by Glunz and Jensen? I would appreciate your feedback.
  10. J

    Changing the belt on a Heidelberg k line 68a converted letter press

    Does anyone out there know how to change the belt on a K line 68a converted letter press? HELP!!!!
  11. J

    Ryobi 3302 plate clamps

    Can anyone tell me how to adjust the plateclamps on a Ryobi 3302. When I tighten down the clamps they just don't feel like they are tightening down very well. My plates start slipping out at the slightest adjustment. Help :confused:
  12. J

    Agfa Chemical Free Plates

    Is there any printers or pre-press peeps out there using the AGFA chemical free plates? We are wanting to switch to them but not sure if they are worth it, or if they are even on the market yet! Any help?:D
  13. J

    Ryobi 3302 with crestline

    Can anyone tell me what kind of fountain solution you use in your 3302? I have only 2 choices Varn Superlene (which we use on the smaller ryobi's) or Hostman Steinberg's Sbustifix- AF which is used on our larger press. I'm having a hard time getting either one to mix right, and I'm having to...
  14. J

    Registration on a Ryobi 3302

    I'm having problems getting the registration to hold on a Ryobi 3302. I can get the press to register for about a 100 sheets or so but then the registration starts to bounce. We have had this press for about 4 months now, we bought it from our service tech, and since he is not a printer I got...

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