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    Memjet Ink Issues

    What kind of filters are you using?
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    ESS E-500 service

    Would all of those documents also apply to this unit as well...
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    Navigator 6.0r4

    Did you ever get your hands on these disks?
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    Need Help to run Xerox 700i

    Do you still need help? PM me if you do.
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    RESOLVED- Xerox 700i Digital Color Press- Poor print quality

    Make sure this wire is plugged in correctly.
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    4 staple booket maker? Square back folder?

    If you are looking for something with a smaller foot print and not so heavy duty we have a Nagel Foldnak 4. The automatic towers that we have that go with it only support 8 sheets but the staple folder can take bigger books they just have to be handfed. The unit is currently only setup for 2...
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    4 staple booket maker? Square back folder?

    How big of books are you talking? Are you looking to run inline or offline? If you are not afraid of using some older used equipment that will be a little friendlier on the wallet and what you are trying to run is 22 sheets (88 page book) or less then I believe that C.P.Bourg BDF line can also...

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