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    Most reliable CTP machine for a weekly tabloid?

    In that case, Kodak Magnus 800 with SCU should suit you perfectly.
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    Kodak quantum 400 ll

    We are moving ours soon, the technician told me: First measure the height from the ground of the machine and make a note of it, split the MCU from the main unit, crank up the legs so the wheels are on the ground, then just wheel it onto the truck. No transport brackets required for a short trip...
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    Anyone still using a Postscript workflow?

    If you're using Pitstop to correct the files anyway, why not use the preflight profile that comes with Pitstop "Just make my Office PDF work" I use this preflight on every MS Office PDF that comes through the door and it fixes 99% of issues.
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    208 dpi photo on 5.5x8.5 booklet cover

    When you open the image in Photoshop and select image size, what are the dimensions in pixels? There are a lot of jpeg artifacts in the image you posted, but some of those will be from the photo you took of the print. Can you share the original image?
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    Coated and uncoated profiles

    A file tagged with the ICC profile for the final output conditions is not telling the printer how you expect it to be printed, it is defining how the file should look on the final output device when viewed on a properly calibrated and profiled monitor or printed/proofed on a properly calibrated...
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    208 dpi photo on 5.5x8.5 booklet cover

    Was the photo 208ppi at the scale used on the cover? When you say it was 1296 px sq, do you mean it was 1296x1296 pixels in size? If so, if not cropped, the photo should reproduce OK at 5.5x5.5" rule of thumb for offset is 300ppi at output size, but digital presses are a little more forgiving...
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    "Darker" or "brighter" print (ink density?)

    No there are not 2 default black options, there is black and there is registration, which is clearly labelled as registration. If users select this swatch for printed elements, it's not Adobe's fault, it's users creating content for print who don't understand the print process.
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    "Darker" or "brighter" print (ink density?)

    Pitstop action list "Remove Printers Marks" is great for getting rid of those pesky colour bars & whatnot :)
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    "Darker" or "brighter" print (ink density?)

    No, please don't ever select the Registration Black for printed elements, and especially not for offset printing. If you want a rich black, make it 40C 100K or if you must use all 4 colours 40C 20M 20Y 100K Anything over 300% is going to cause problems, and if you do this for a job printed on...
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    "Darker" or "brighter" print (ink density?)

    There is no black in RGB, if you are supplying files in an RGB colourspace with blacks defined as 0R:0G:0B, you will end up with a rich black depending on GCR/UCR in the profiles used to convert to CMYK. It OK to supply images in RGB, however, you are leaving it up to the printer to separate to...
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    Pamphlet/Booklet/Book Layout Software

    You will discover that most of your time is spent fixing and modifying customer supplied files. This is what we have been doing ever since customers gained the ability to create their own artwork on low cost hardware.
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    Pamphlet/Booklet/Book Layout Software

    Quite Imposing Plus, permanent licence $899 Montax Imposer Imposition Studio
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    XMF_Jobs Folder

    If it's anything like Prinergy, your user name and password for the XMF server will be the same as the client login This could be the result of either the server or your Mac being updated and the version of SMB you are connecting with has been deprecated.
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    Question about kodak trendsetter

    You can still purchase a permanent licence, it's your choice, but it still needs to connect to the licencing server to verify validity from time to time We have Prinergy and Expo as permanent licences, and Insite & KPS as monthly.
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    Question about kodak trendsetter

    As far as I know, Kodak no longer provide USB licence dongles, all licences are now managed through their servers.
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    Looking for recommendations on an expansive MIS that includes W2P, estimating, direct mail and wide format, CRM, etc.

    PrintIQ will cover most of these with various add on modules
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    XMF Cut and Stack Impo

    We use them all the time in Preps, they were much easier in Preps 5.x and earlier, so I often go back to Preps 5.3 if I need to make a new Cut & Stack template
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    Corel Rebrands as Alludo

    For some reason, I had thought that Corel acquired Framemaker around the same time at WordPerfect & Ventura, but it is indeed Adobe.
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    Non-profiled offset printing

    That's how offset presses work, you don't see the result of your adjustments on a screen, the operator will start off by getting the sheet to the correct densities for the standard they are following, this is generally done using a densitometer on the console, hand held on older presses, but...
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    Corel Rebrands as Alludo

    Do they still have Ventura Publisher and Framemaker? Ventura (pre Corel), running on Gem was my first foray into Desktop Publishing

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