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    Is anybody using IQconnect-Prinergy to trigger RBA events using the XML from PrintIQ I have been asked to evaluate whether this module is worth purchasing We switched to PrintIQ earlier this year, the knowledge base article on the Prinergy connection doesn't give much in the way of real world...
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    Flattening PDF creates duplicate pages

    I received a PDF from a customer for some posters. There are 6 pages in the PDF Taking far too long to refine, lots of RGB, spot colours, transparency etc. I don't usually flatten anything, but since this is just for a few posters printed on the plotter I figure it's going to speed things up...
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    Heidelberg Prepress Interface Parallel port dongle problem

    Our Prepress Interface 3.3 parallel port dongle has been intermittently been undetected by the license manager for the past couple of years usually, removing and reconnecting it has fixed the problem, but now it seems to be completely unresponsive I have been through all the usual...

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