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    Multi page pdf folding

    Hi all. I have a 2500 page doc that I need to print double sided and fold every 2 printed pages. I know I can split the pdf into 4 pages and print but I am wondering if I can do this in fiery without splitting the document. I have a versant 80 with external fiery. Cheers Chris.
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    Xerox 2 knife trimmer Versant 80

    Hi. I have a 2 knife trimmer that is missing the wiring harness that connects to the 4 pin lead from the trimmer (and connects to the square fold). Does anybody happen to know the part number for this lead OR can anybody supply this harness for me Or can anybody take some high resolution...
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    Duplo dc615 guillotine blades

    Hi. The cutting blade is getting blunt and is starting to miscut the cards and leaving the edge uncut. This is more noticeable when running a gutter of around 5mm. Can the blades be removed and sharpened by the people who do my guillotine blades or are they one shot blades and must be...
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    Xerox FTR versant 80

    Hi. So, due to the ongoing problems with xerox drums etc I am seriously looking at putting my v80 onto contract, and to that end xerox have offered me a sensible click rate on the condition that the machine goes through a FTR (field turn around). This will cost me £2750 +vat, does any one...
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    Duplo dc 615

    Hi all. We have got a duplo 615 and want to turn on the registration mark tracking, however in the menu although the option is there, it won't allow us to turn it on. In the manual it says its an option with the ccd which we have because the barcode tracking works, but I just can't work out...
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    versant 80 error 099-341 Fusing Not Latch Up

    Hi. I have the v80 with the error code 099-341 according to Xerox I need to reboot the machine with the front door open and and the fuser tray pulled out and then reinstall. Having done this the error remains. I am waiting on the tech getting back to me but is there anything else I can try. It...

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