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  1. joshlindsay

    Pamphlet/Booklet/Book Layout Software

    Nah, Imposition Wizard is much easier. I felt with Imposition Studio the need for templates is big. With Wizard I don't bother. Super easy.
  2. joshlindsay

    Pamphlet/Booklet/Book Layout Software

    I have been using Imposition Wizard for the last few years. Nice and easy to learn.
  3. joshlindsay

    Good or bad idea in my situation? (Only selling posters with mounts/mattes)

    Not what you have asked but for jobs where I know I have a tricky border to hit and it's short run I chuck it on my digital die cutter. It reads registration marks and the cut is generally bang on. You could probably get away with the Auto sheet cutters I know of some similar machines that...
  4. joshlindsay

    Opinions on Digital Die-Cutters

    I've got a JWEI LST 0806 which is what the Duplo sheet fed cutter is based on but direct from manufacturer. It's pretty darn good. Unattended running for labels just checking the odd sheet. Diecutting is a bit different due to the less than ideal output. We still outsource longer runs to a...
  5. joshlindsay

    PSL Jetletter and .pdf workflow

    That video was awesome. Thanks!
  6. joshlindsay

    FusionPro vs Freeform Create...

    $1500 per mo. Hoooolllyyyy. I'd be shopping around too.
  7. joshlindsay

    Resolved, Please Ignore.

    That's a clever title to get all the help :ROFLMAO:
  8. joshlindsay

    Upgrading from the Xerox V180.

    We have the inline booklet maker on the Iridesse for full bleed booklets. For the additional that we pay for it I would have rather put that money towards a new (reliable) little booklet maker where your top/bottom trims are on guillotine. The biggest reason is the slitting wheels cracking the...
  9. joshlindsay

    Apple M1computer

    I also have a Macbook Pro M1 and it's a beast. Adobe software doesn't seem to have the performance gains that the OS feels like bit it's no worse than my old Hackintosh and certainly usable. Dual 32" you say... What dock did you go with? I changed to a 34" Ultra-wide as I couldn't get dual...
  10. joshlindsay


    Haha! I think the best option would be to get both. Just to have yourself covered.
  11. joshlindsay


    I thought best to start high then work our way down :ROFLMAO:
  12. joshlindsay


    Without a doubt this is the one to get
  13. joshlindsay

    Anyone have the Intec ColorCut FB8000

    Mostly 300gsm and 350gsm Satin sometimes laminated. Yeah pressure was maximum. Not sure the crease screw was adjustable on our one. We've since sold and upgraded to an auto-fed Jwei with a wheel.
  14. joshlindsay

    Anyone have the Intec ColorCut FB8000

    I don't have a FB8000 but did have an on FB900. We also had issues with crease pressure and think it's just the limitation of the ball bearing creasing tool vs a wheel. Two passes helped a little and slowing it right down but still not good enough to send out. Most of what we creased on that...
  15. joshlindsay

    Jwei digital cutters

    Thanks for the tips! I'll check the level although I do know it was levelled when installed. Might've settled a bit. Have you had any luck getting a nice square cut with the K3 tool? Attached is a pic of the K3 cut vs the "directional cut" tool. The kiss cut labels show where the tool starts...
  16. joshlindsay

    Jwei digital cutters

    Nah. Out Intec was the FB900 flatbed and topped out at 400gsm laminated card. Really need the oscillating head for corrugated board.
  17. joshlindsay

    Pitstop action for adding Wide Format Marks and pulling cut path information.

    Hi @Stephen Marsh , Sorry to pull up an old topic but are you able to share the Pitstop actions to create the eye marks?
  18. joshlindsay

    Jwei digital cutters

    Overall I'm pretty happy with it. Still have a lot to learn and we're not using it every day. Couple of things I'm working through is quality of the cuts when using the K3 tool (standard drag knife). Before I had an Intec which offered a knife offset setting which meant that tight corners are...
  19. joshlindsay

    Basic Imposition Software

    I've been using Imposition Wizard for a couple of years now. Acrobat plugin for Mac and PC. Does everything I need it to.

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