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  1. joshlindsay

    Just a Printer on YouTube

    Hi all, I stumbled across a new YouTube channel a few months ago about a chap called Dan running a shop in Pennsylvania. Got a bunch of Konica digital presses and a range of book binding finishing gear. Thought you all might find it interesting Just A Printer
  2. joshlindsay

    New Press Install - Fuji Xerox Iridesse

    Something exciting is happening over here early next week. Unpacking started Friday afternoon and 2 or 3 techs will be here Monday morning to get underway.
  3. joshlindsay

    Bell & Howell Inserter with Muller Accumulator Folder Problems

    Hi all, Last year we purchased a used Bell & Howell B900 Inserter with a Muller Cut Sheet Accumulator Folder. The inserter itself is pretty good aside from an issue with the diverter bin but we've been having some issues with the folder. Does anyone have a contact ideally in Australia or New...
  4. joshlindsay

    Electric Round Corner Cutter

    Hi all, Has anyone had any experience with the Chinese round corner cutters? We've got a hand cutter at the moment but quality and speed are not it's strong point. We've found 2 on AliExpress but worried that on one of them the product photos show some very average cutting. These are the 2...
  5. joshlindsay

    Xerox 1000i Trail Edge Bleed (blurry print)

    We're on our second 1000i (first was replaced as colour was very inconsistent and eventually corrupted system boards) but are still not happy with output in particular what Xerox are calling trail edge bleed. For example text with a 80/60% tint appear to come across as a gradient on the trail...
  6. joshlindsay

    Xerox Colour 1000i - Gold, Silver and Clear

    Being installed today is our Xerox Colour 1000i with Gold initially. The launch event was last night and they had some pretty impressive samples along with a press wrapped in gold. Upon speaking with technicians it looks like we might be trained up to make the switch between Gold, Silver and...
  7. joshlindsay

    New Presses Ordered

    Today we signed the paperwork for a new Colour 1000 with Gold & Silver (to replace a Colour 800 with clear) and a Versant 2100 (to replace an aged DocuColour 8000). Versant will be installed in the next 2 weeks I hope but C1000 will be installed in Feb. Excited to see what these machines can do!
  8. joshlindsay

    Which laminating machine for Xerox prints?

    Hi there, Our old GBC Eagle laminator has just given up the ghost. Got 3 years out of it so best $150 I ever spent. We ordered a GMP Surelam III but had temperature issues with the first and second machines before we told them to get it out of our shop. Attached you'll see the temperature...
  9. joshlindsay

    OKI 9850 Envelope Printer - Toner question

    We're using an Oki C9850 with straight shooter for envelope printing. Our click charge is $0.15 per print which works out to be the price to cover the cost of 2 sets of toner, 1 set drums, 1 fuser and 1 transfer belt over 30k impressions. I've found some compatible toner out of China that is...
  10. joshlindsay

    Memjet Envelope Printer - Astrojet M1

    Hi all, We had a demo of the Astrojet M1 this morning at our local distributor. Demo didn't go overly well as their was a issue with one of the nozzles which was leaving black splodges on the print. However what we did see we liked. The speed is great and the quality higher than expected. I...
  11. joshlindsay

    Oki C9850 and Xante iQueue software

    Has anyone had any luck getting the iQueue software working with anything other than an Ilumina engine? We've currently got the Fiery Command Centre installed but iQueue seems to allow a much simpler approach. Thanks.

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