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    Duplo DBM150

    Does anyone know how to display the meter reading on the DBM150 booklet maker?
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    How fuzzy is it?

    I try to refer to image file sizes as this is easy to understand. If you send me a JPG at 30KB it is going to be useless. If you send me the same image at 1MB or above, it should be good. So, when emailing photos from your phone, always send to me at the original native resolution.
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    Looking to start a print business & need advice

    ...and you can also spend under half of that if you buy wisely and still set up a good little operation... which I think is what the OP is looking to do. The learning curve will be steep but also rewarding. My top tips would be: Beware of auction sites and people online trying to sell second...
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    Looking to start a print business & need advice

    @new2print - looking at those photos of your building, you may need a wider external door. The engine & paper decks on a digital press won't go through a standard pedestrian width doorway. Thinking of our inventory, the guillotine, laminator and flatbed digital die cutter would also not go...
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    Post Inserting (KM Pro951)

    @MrSchmidt you set it up on the page settings tab Since my original post, we added a PI-502 to the Pro951 and use it regularly.
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    Ricoh Pro C5310s vs Konica Minolta C4070

    No dealer would take on an unknown like this. If you want a refurbished machine, let your dealer source one for you, bring it up to spec and put it on contract. There's a reason the machines on eBay and Craigslist are much cheaper - and that is not because they're a bargain. Those machines will...
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    Ricoh Pro C5310s vs Konica Minolta C4070

    What do you like and dislike about your C1060? How many years have you had it & has it served you well? Most importantly, how would you rate the service you've received from your click provider?
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    Pamphlet/Booklet/Book Layout Software

    I'll don my tin hat for this one, as we do all our impositioning in Indesign. I'm sure that may not be the correct or most professional way, however it works for us and once you have a few template files set up and a catalogue of common jobs programmed into the guillotine, all is relatively...
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    Folding Recommendations for Duplo 618

    We have the Duplo DF-1200 with side air kit, which is the predecessor to the DF-1300, however looking at the specs of the newer machine, the substrate weights look similar/the same. It can take a bit of tinkering to get the different air settings right for various substrates (don't go by the...
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    Matrix 370P Laminator Compressor Trapped!!

    Go straight to the horse’s mouth, speak to Vivid in the UK at Ashby. The technical guys are all great and will give you straight, helpful answers.
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    Matrix 370P Laminator Compressor Trapped!!

    Are you saying the bars bolted to the frame at both the front and back both have wiring in them? Have you spoke with anyone at Vivid?
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    KM1 Inkjet Press

    @VistaSecured, different tools for different jobs. If you’re not printing variable data, of course there will be a breakpoint where it’s cheaper to run it offset. That break will vary from one shop to another, depending on many variables. However I’m sure every business that’s invested, or...
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    KM vs Ricoh vs Fuji/Xerox

    The Duplos for sale on eBay tend to be the older models, which will have given years of service. There have been some impressive speed increases on the current generation PC-controlled models, tempting shops to upgrade. Occasionally you may find a newer model from a shop that’s ceased...
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    Xerox Versant 3100 Fully Loaded For Sale

    Location of the machine? Photos? Click count (assuming this is really low, to fit ‘like new’ description)?
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    Duplo Cutting Help

    I’d start by downloading the instructions and watching some online videos on your 615, then asking specific questions on here. If the machine is processing your existing programmed jobs successfully, unless you need the faster speeds the more recent incarnations offer, I’d be inclined to stick...
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    Seeking advice on entry level production press

    @analog502 - one other tip after re-reading your post, where you said... Learn from this and, whatever machine you get, ensure it is on an all-inclusive click contract. Then the onus is on your provider (either manufacturer's direct channel or dealer network) to keep your machine in tip top...
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    Seeking advice on entry level production press

    If you take the in-line finishing route, I'd get the C4070 instead of the C4065. This is because with the C4065 you are limited to an FS-532 finisher with the lightweight SD-510 booklet maker. Whereas with the C4070 / C4080, there is a range of heavier duty in-line finishing and trimming...
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    Non-profiled offset printing

    A combination of curiosity / scene-setting / thinking ahead toward broader advice to offer...
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    Offset & digital combination

    @Bashv - what's your role exactly in the project? You opened with, ...however it's unclear if you are the author, publisher, distributor, or perhaps you have more than one of these roles. Please can you clarify this point for the forum? As @gregbatch has already asked you, the quantity and...
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    Non-profiled offset printing

    @Bashv the reason I suggested adding your geographical location was, doing so will likely make much more sense of your situation, in context of your posts. I may be wrong & don't want to offend, but it appears your location may be within a developing country, as certainly in the UK, US and most...

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