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    Rampage to Heidelberg

    Has anyone switched from Rampage/Preps to PrintReady/Signa? If so, I am curious to hear feelings on that ...
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    PDFs out of Microsoft Apps

    We recently got a Konica digital printer which Sales is selling fast! We're suddenly receiving Word and Powerpoint files (and I fear Excel files won't be far behind)! We are totally MAC here so of course we're having issues with these files. Does anyone have a simplified set of instructions that...
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    Taking My Rampage Away

    I'm just a lowly prepress operator ... been using Rampage for over 10 years ... love, love, love it! Owner informed us yesterday that they are looking into something else because Rampage (1) forces you to rerip whole sigs when updating one page only so press is waiting too long for plates, and...
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    Fonts appearing as Unix files

    Sometimes clients fonts will unstuff/unzip as Unix Executable Files and will not load for us. They display with an icon that looks like the console window. On, say a quark file, all I need to do is add the extension (qxp) and it opens. A long, long time ago I used to use ResEdit to fix...

Controlling the Purse Strings


By Noel Ward, Editor@Large
What did you buy for your
business last week?
And how are you making sure everything you purchase is properly managed and accounted for?

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