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    Who has the best all-around package for web-to-print?

    Does anyone have a web2print software that has categories / products built and we just edit or remove what we dont want? So we dont have rebuild a whole category of products from ground up again.
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    Mitsubishi Servicing

    Hello there, Are there any recommendations for person / companies for servicing of Mitsubishi printing presses ranging from perfectors 10 colours down to 5 colours? Thanks
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    Equios vs Trueflow 7

    Is it a steep learning curve going from TF to Eqious similar to learning a whole new software, or would it be intuitive and may seem like a "upgrade" from its TF software?
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    Equios vs Trueflow 7

    Thank you, that's very informative ! We bought two licenses with Metrix as a testing grounds for now to compliment TF, and found out a lot of capabilities Trueflow flat worker could not handle. Aside from being extremely slow with 10 users and large files we feel we needed to upgrade as our...
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    Equios vs Trueflow 7

    Currently on latest version on Trueflow and about to make a jump to either Eqious or try something new like Prinergy. We are using Metrix on our layout side and further doing some research in regards to what is better to use and compliment Metrix.
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    Metrix & Trueflow

    After much discussion and having a number of works being sent through Trueflow we are finding it boggles down the whole system. Currently 10 users using it simultaneously and it isn't fast enough to keep up with how fast Metrix is putting in the JDF files. We may end up going with Equious or...
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    Metrix & Trueflow

    We wanted to utilize the layout features for booklets and gang run features so we ended up getting the Metrix software . Has anyone used this software to compliment Trueflow ? We are wondering if sending JDF layouts (without the PDF attached to it) into Trueflow would work as a JDF?
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    Anyone using Quickbooks?

    Anyone here using Quickbooks as a primary tool for their accounting needs / inputting job and sales orders? Any recommendation on apps that would help linked with this software for project managements?
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    Your recommendation on Management Informaiton Systems (MIS)

    Take a look at Avanti MIS - price is reasonable and pretty powerful. You can buy modules instead of a full package alone but good starting price which includes fundamental program to get you started.
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    Production Scheduling Procedure

    I'm playing around with this trello, amazing recommendation. I am assuming each card represents a specific job. How would you handle combo's or ganging specific jobs together? Would it be better based on individual job or individual print run as basis?
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    Production Scheduling Procedure

    Wanted to get some ideas on this, seeing what everyone is using to schedule the production in the whole plant? based on a job basis? per machine basis? etc
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    Printing in USA at China prices.

    Stay in China , no reason for everyone here to try to undercut each other for this.
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    Number Up Calculating App

    I have, pretty intuitive and easy to use software! I really liked it, had it for trial for awhile.
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    Workflow suggestions?

    I wanted to see whats out there that has a nice simple workflow software which handles dockets that goes from department to department in a very organized method strictly , for offset printing.
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    What workflow is this?

    Anyone know what workflow or software this is from?
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    Any Hiflex users ?

    Was in the market half a year ago and did alot of research, we decided between Hiflex or Avanti and few others. We finally made the decision to jump into Avanti and have never looked back, we are extremely happy with the outcome so far! The technical support was the biggest difference from...
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    Number Up Calculating App

    We need a android version of this for the rest of us! :)
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    Avanti MIS

    Wanted to see who else is using it in here?
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    Estimating Software

    The reason i've been searching for estimating because i want to hire and start getting some help with the estimation. I wanted a intuitive system where a customer rep can plug in their own specs of the job , a program that is intuitive enough to find out best scenario (press / sheet size / work...
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    Estimating Software

    We are a mid sized company with 40-60 workers , all offset presses with full bindery. I've been browsing around doing some research on estimation tools to help with the company on automation, consistancies, easy to use and most important a very smart software (that can tell me which presses to...

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