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    Mitsubishi Servicing

    Hello there, Are there any recommendations for person / companies for servicing of Mitsubishi printing presses ranging from perfectors 10 colours down to 5 colours? Thanks
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    Metrix & Trueflow

    We wanted to utilize the layout features for booklets and gang run features so we ended up getting the Metrix software . Has anyone used this software to compliment Trueflow ? We are wondering if sending JDF layouts (without the PDF attached to it) into Trueflow would work as a JDF?
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    Anyone using Quickbooks?

    Anyone here using Quickbooks as a primary tool for their accounting needs / inputting job and sales orders? Any recommendation on apps that would help linked with this software for project managements?
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    Workflow suggestions?

    I wanted to see whats out there that has a nice simple workflow software which handles dockets that goes from department to department in a very organized method strictly , for offset printing.
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    What workflow is this?

    Anyone know what workflow or software this is from?
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    Avanti MIS

    Wanted to see who else is using it in here?
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    Estimating Software

    We are a mid sized company with 40-60 workers , all offset presses with full bindery. I've been browsing around doing some research on estimation tools to help with the company on automation, consistancies, easy to use and most important a very smart software (that can tell me which presses to...
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    After you have added several output tickets on the server side, how do you make it "stay" as one of the options listed as opposed to importing everytime when we output a job?

Controlling the Purse Strings


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