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  1. Armya Inc

    aperature jam

    I doubt you should replace the Aprature ٫ appreture motor or the sensor. At least not for now. Open the Allen screw inside the appreture Assy and release the Motor Shaft. Turn the shaft back till the flag is partially outside tye sensor. Clean the sensor and tight the shaft. Note: It is hard to...
  2. Armya Inc

    Agfa avalon OTC PROBLEM!!!

    I just feel you should consider a few things: 1- If the computer has any issues? 2- delete Agfa Folder. 3- Do the installation. Are the installation DVD is ok?
  3. Armya Inc

    Avalon VLF blue line banding problem

    Did you understand what to do now? The assembly called Mag Motor Assembly. It comes with a Lense, sensor, and a motor. There is no cleaning should be done on the motor. You should clean the lense Only. ​ ​​​​​​While removing the Top cover clean the GLV as well. You have work to do!! Get...
  4. Armya Inc

    Avalon VLF blue line banding problem

    So do it! Take the cover off and look inside the imager from the Top. You will find a lense inside that need to be reached and cleaned. The lense is called Magnification Lense. Alignment should be done on the 12 Mil plate. Have you ever worked on the imager? Then, What did you align on the...
  5. Armya Inc

    Avalon VLF blue line banding problem

    Hi, The phenomina is called the banding issue. Are you using 3.8mm chinise plates? Have you done Magnification (Mag ) motor Alignment? Clean the Mag motor first and do the Mag alignment on 12 mil plate following the procedure in the manual.. You will find thin white and black lines on the...
  6. Armya Inc

    Avalon VLF 60XXT Autofocus problem

    Why not thinking simple: I removed my comments, I thought it was Avalon LF. If the chiller is on 20 that is fine. Ignore the comment on the interlock. Do you get the Autofocus Controller fault during boot up sequence or the machine completes the sequence? Farshad
  7. Armya Inc

    Agfa Avantra 44 input jam error

    Get to it and clean it. Easy as thatthat if you feel the sensor has issue. But how about the buffer. Could be the brake on the buffer motor. Have you tight the screw on it? It could be loose.
  8. Armya Inc

    Agfa Avantra 44 input jam error

    Do not you want to tell me what model of imagesetter are being used or this is your secret and can't be shared ?
  9. Armya Inc

    Agfa Avantra 44 input jam error

    Have you tried the processor in offline mode? Have you noticed the same result? Isn't it the process signal from imagesetter is being sent to processor? The manual clearly explains the sensors and how they will be checked. Good luck . Farshad What else did you do? Good luck.
  10. Armya Inc

    Looking for cooperation w2p

    Andrew, I have never received or missed your email. My email: farshad@army a services. com or +1(416)706-5473. Farshad Armya INC .
  11. Armya Inc

    AVDIAG Software

    Still Available worldwide. Not to mention Agfa has exclusive right on it.
  12. Armya Inc

    AVDIAG Software

    Avdiag is only uned for Avantra Imagesetters..
  13. Armya Inc


    Phoenix needs Unidiag and not Avdiag. Avdiag is for Avantras Only. The configuration of cable is different too. Farshad
  14. Armya Inc

    Avantra 44xt Error17 after load

    Replace the Spinner Motor. I have one like new for $2500 USD. Contact: for more info.
  15. Armya Inc

    AV44 20k spinner need repair error 149

    Wow. Great. You did it. . But that had to be checked before considering DEC.
  16. Armya Inc

    AV44 20k spinner need repair error 149

    Chris, There problem is the DEC board if you haven't made any changes to Spinner setting. There is no need to replace the DEC board completely. It can be repaired . The investment for repair is $350 USD. It is a 2 hours work . If you are ready to invest that amount send me an Email to...
  17. Armya Inc

    AV44 20k spinner need repair error 149

    Did you make any changes to the Spinner setting in the unidiag? Have you found any problem with the spinner?If the answer is no, then there is definitely a problem with the DEC board.. contact me if you need help. Farshad Faghihi Armya Inc.
  18. Armya Inc

    Machines and Equipment Liquidation sales for under $9000 in Canada.

    Over 100 Prepress, Press and Finishing equipment are available for sale for under $9000. Buy direct from Print houses in Canada: Please visit our face book page: Please contact: Armya INC
  19. Armya Inc

    Agfa galileo vs error 0057 help needed please

    Edge detect sensor doesn't detect the beam. Contact me I will instruct you to resolve it. I Regs, Farshad
  20. Armya Inc

    We are looking for all used printing, mailing, inserting and IT equipment - Anything?

    Hi, I am not sure what kind of equipment you are looking for exactly, but I might be able to help you. I have tons of used machines and equipment available for sale. contact me: Cell:+1-416-706-5473 Email: Regs, Farshad

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