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  1. RytisT

    Imprint MIS?

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with Imprint MIS?
  2. RytisT

    Time planning software?

    Hi. Does anyone use and/or can recommend a godo timesheet/time planning software for just jobs planning, that wouldn't be a part of any typical printing MIS? Thanks.
  3. RytisT

    Experience with PrintIQ?

    It seems that he's related enough. New user with 3 messages from Toronto? and conveniently enough, under "Quotifly" contacts page it says they're from Toronto.
  4. RytisT

    MIS Recommendation?

    We haven't yet, we never found a MIS that is perfect for us, and the whole Coronavirus thing set us back a step. The best one we looked at right now is PrintIQ, however the only downside is that it's really heavy on the cashola.
  5. RytisT

    MIS Recommendation?

    PrintSmith Vision. It's just an unfinished product. It's been quite some time that we've used it, but I can remember small things like Digital Printing and Large format printing having two different measurement units (Meters and milimeters), and if you see default amount of bleed or white-space...
  6. RytisT

    MIS Recommendation?

    PrintSmith "on paper" looked good as well, but only after trying it ourselves have we found that it's full of holes. We won't buy a MIS without first trying it. We have experience in setting up MIS, even if they are all different, pretty sure we could manage.
  7. RytisT

    MIS Recommendation?

    We find ourselves again in search of a MIS, perhaps someone can recommend something new and not outdated? MIS'es we've checked out: EFI PrintSmith - Actually tried using it, never again... AvantiSystem - only in NA. PrintersPlan - No metric system/euros. PrintIQ - Seem'd like a excelent MIS...
  8. RytisT

    Omikai MIS

    Hello, was just wondering if anyone had any experience with "Omikai" MIS? Just looking for any information at all since there's nothing on google and they're not keen on giving out 30-day demos to test it out ourselves. Thank you.
  9. RytisT

    Color profiles?

    Thank you! :)
  10. RytisT

    Color profiles?

    I have been checking with Acrobat's preflights, however sometime my color profile appears under output intent, sometimes it's under color space, that's what I wasn't sure of. I suppose I'm just looking for my color profile in at least one of those categories?
  11. RytisT

    Color profiles?

    Hi. I tried to understand how the whole color profiles in PDF/X works, but after hours of trying, I still can't. Problem I have, is that sometimes color profile is mentioned in "Output Intent" section and sometimes it's under "Color Spaces". (I think that depends whether client has saved file...
  12. RytisT

    Anyone heard of PrintLogic or Printware? Looking for MIS Suggestions

    We're just installing printsmith, but I wouldn't recommend it. They're only now upgrading to HTML5 and they're probably not even gonna be done in a year. Whole MIS has bugs, there's been multiple times when I would show bug to support, and even they couldn't comment on it, all I got was "we'll...
  13. RytisT

    Can't wrap around my head what causes this...

    Thanks for suggestions. We've received this file as TIFF, just one single bitmap, nothing else. We've also tried printing same image on just a normal, regular office printer and there was no defects like in original post screenshots. Anyways, Minolta suggested enabling option that changes all-K...
  14. RytisT

    Can't wrap around my head what causes this...

    No, just regular Digital Press, nothing else.
  15. RytisT

    Can't wrap around my head what causes this...

    Hi. We're having a bit of trouble lately printing out designs that have soft shadows in them, this is one of them: Printed: Design: Printed 2: Design 2: Printed 3:
  16. RytisT

    MIS Recommendation?

    I do have experience, it wasn't that hard to set it up, it's just a headache to work with, It doesn't seem like they care about it. It's printsmith by the way. As for AccuraMIS, I actually wrote you pm earlier. I did checked it, but I don't think it has any paper/imposition calculator, or at...
  17. RytisT

    MIS Recommendation?

    I wouldn't even say that's the biggest issue, the MIS itself feels old and left behind, yeah, they're upgrading it to HTML5, but it still feels like you need to do way more for MIS to just get a quote. Also, some decisions they've made are just stupid, like using two different measurement unit...
  18. RytisT

    Fiery + Duplo

    Hi. Looking for any suggestions for Fiery and Duplo integration. Maybe someone has any experience with those two. Basically the integration between these two is poor, the way we work now, is we make a template in Duplo, bring that template back to Fiery, print with barcodes from Duplo, bring...
  19. RytisT

    MIS Recommendation?

    Hello. Can you guys recommend any good MIS solution for small/medium sized printing house? (One that would have metric system). Working with PrintSmith currently, but it's just full of bad choices. What we would need from MIS: Job list, tracking. Estimating, for digital and large/wide format...

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