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    No Graphic In Spreadsheet Header

    HI, Frustrated Here! I use MS Excel to create invoices at times. We put a company logo (a graphic and/or image - a .jpg file) in the header on left side. My notebook (also WinXP OS) only has OpenOffice on it and not MSOffice. I go to open that same MS Excel sheet with Oo CALC and maybe edit it...
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    Issue with AST Rampage Plus 286 EMS board

    HI, So... I recently acquired a second hand AST Rampage Plus 286 board. It appears to be a different hardware rev (202349-001) than any of the documentation, manuals, TH99, etc. that I've been able to find refer to. Long story short, I cannot get it recognized in a 286-12 clone (Packard Bell...

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