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  1. zoran

    Heidelberg Prinect Server Virtualization 2015

    Yes it works, as long as you have attached USB license key that is recognized by Virtual server. In our case we had to use third party USB to network adapter that provided IP address of USB key that was recognized by Prinect. I hope this helps
  2. zoran

    Adobe Performance...

    Affinity uses PDFlib library for PDF export. I haven't played much but I know it supports most versions of PDF/X, with and without transparency. What is the quality of output PDF, I did not test recently.
  3. zoran

    Selects - just not quite getting it

    Logic "AND" means literally "and", so select line weight AND select stroke color, meaning only objects with both properties will be selected. For example, if you used "OR" instead of "AND" it would mean select line weight OR select stroke color, one or the other, which would not be desired...
  4. zoran

    Selects - just not quite getting it

    You have some redundant entires. You just need one "ADD" so it should look like: Select All Select if line weight is equal to .0139 (exact size of the crosshair) Select stroke color (this is set to the registration color of All) AND Remove Selection I tested without Select All and got the same...
  5. zoran

    Is there a Non-Printing Layers Preflight?

    Hopefully this will help :)
  6. zoran

    Numbering Multiple Pages With The Same Page Number

    From top of my head, if you have Quite imposing that would be the easiest, literally one click and number every 7th page with proper incremented number. Probably any variable data software can do this as well just as easy. When it comes to Acrobat itself, it is doable but you need to do some...
  7. zoran

    Colors Used in a PDF

    Yes, it is part of the preflight of most of the software packages designed for Prepress.
  8. zoran

    Back again for help...create bleed

    I think something is not right with that PDF, it does not react properly to actions (PDF Producer is blank). I made you new action that forces trim box and resizes other boxes, than add bleed and crop marks, it works on my end. I hope this helps
  9. zoran

    Enfocus providing free PitStop Pro licenses and e-learnings to help our customers during the COVID-19 crisis

    Great thinking, we have couple of operators in self-isolation and this will save us trouble of deactivating/installing/Activating licenses. This is great help Andrew, big thanks to Enfocus.
  10. zoran

    CSR and Prepress roles merging (a little)?

    We did it. It was temporary and worked partially (with couple of good CSR's). Those couple of good CSR's rocked, they wanted to do it and loved it, gave them freedom and cut time short so they don't have to wait on prepress to do preflight and tell them what is wrong with files. Other CSR's...
  11. zoran

    Prinect 2019 installation

    Yes, Pitstop 2019 is compatible with Acrobat Pro DC.
  12. zoran

    What's The Difference Between Automation Engine & Switch?

    One of the main powers of Switch is neutrality and integration. Switch will work with any workflow, database, file, Imposition, software, etc... it is easy to integrate with anything. As far as I know, Danaher corporation owns both Esko and Enfocus, but they are different entities, according to...
  13. zoran

    Softproofing Before OR After Ripping

    In modern workflow with Renderer, entire file would be rasterized using same Renderer that outputs your proofs/plates.
  14. zoran

    Softproofing Before OR After Ripping

    If you do search on this forum, you will find Dov's post, which I like a lot and use as a bible. You have to process PDF through Rip/Renderer and softproof rasterized, color managed data, otherwise you are fooling both yourself and customer...
  15. zoran

    Automation in prepress

    We are using Enfocus Switch with Pitstop Server and Quite Hot Imposing server. All excellent tools.
  16. zoran

    Prinect 2019

    Our upgrade went smooth, no issues so far. We've been running 2019 for couple of months. This is the first upgrade I did myself, without Heidelberg. The biggest change was switch from Prinectshooter 1 to Prinectshooter 2, very different interface but after fiddling around, we found our way.
  17. zoran

    Enfocus SWITCH and Fuji XMF - to intergrate or not

    I do not think they are exclusive to each other. You would be best to integrate both systems, there are lot's of things that you can let XMF handle, but just as many to handle with Switch. Consider yourself lucky to have opportunity to have and learn both. We have Printready worklflow, which is...
  18. zoran

    Pitstop Server or Switch - can they do this?

    Here is very small and quick flow that does it, I made two outcomes, one in points and one in inches. I hope this helps.
  19. zoran

    Pitstop Server or Switch - can they do this?

    You can do it with Switch only, very easy. You just need to decide which box dimensions you want, Crop, Trim, Media, ...

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