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    Looking to buy Ryobi - Komori 4-6 colours year 2004 upwards 750 sheet

    Looking to buy Ryobi or Komori 4-6 colours 2004 upwards 750mm sheet let me know if you have anything or know of any one email me at Thanks
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    Cip on Shinohara 74v

    thanks for that martin you do you know where i could get this software
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    Gripper Pads falling off.

    impression and transfer we are using loctite glue as that what curries in Australia has recommend but i think they need to be vulcantised on, australia is backwards with there ideas as cost is high over here they have quoted me $110 aus dollars per gripper from japan, and i need all of them so...
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    Cip on Shinohara 74v

    how do i get cip on shinohara 74 v 2001 5 colour please help this the 3rd time i have asked a question on Print planet and no one has helped me. any info is much appreciated
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    Gripper Pads falling off.

    Hi i have a shinohara 74v 2001 our gripper pads keep falling off whats the best glue to use, thanks
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    Xerox Docucolor Toner VS. WorkCenter ?????

    So will the ea - hg toner work in a 700 dcp as I have quite a bit lying around. I don't mind if it's a bit glossier or if colour is different.
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    Xerox 700 issue

    Hi can someone pm me the details of a Xerox 700 technician in Brisbane Australia I'm struggling to find anyone
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    Has anyone used SAM INK?

    i have used sam ink in my roland sp 540v and within 6 months it deflected all my nozzles which lead to poor print quality when i asked about the warranty they simply said they had tested the ink and it was printing fine, i would not recommend them at all.
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    Fiery Ex RIP + 700 = Color Problems?!

    i have a xerox 700 with a freeflow rip and a 700 with bustled fiery rip when i print jpegs on the freeflow they print fine when i print on the Fiery it is pixelated i have tried multiple jpegs with the same outcome freeflow is fine Fiery is pixelated i have the default setting has anyone had...
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    Life expectancy of a Xerox 700

    how are the 700s going i have a machine with 1.6 million clicks and 2 million 50% of this is 250gsm & Above all 13x19 both are still printing fine all i have to do is replace drums and fusers the occasional dev . does anyone have 5 million clicks on this as the CED states 5 million A4s so...

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