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    Does anyone still use overprint?

    Absolutely. Wherever it makes sense. Checking that simple box is much faster (thus highly efficient) than navigating through various transparency options. And hust in case I am not the last person on this planet needing to output such constructs (yes, including complex DevideN stuff) in various...
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    CHILI publisher Online Announced

    As usual with virtually every manufacturer... quick transparency lacks.
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    Lotem 800 II Quantum error 5175

    Since some time, our Lotem 800 II Quantum has intermittently showed the error 5175, “SCSI device driver open error. Check connections, reset device” right after a TIFF is started in Xpo. In the confit program in this case, the Lotem tends to report SCSI=no and TSP=yes. There doesn’t seem to...
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    TVI curves from print sample

    Well... Do your homework generating sensible TVI curves according to the specs given (maybe add 5% to the color bars, too) and nail down your pressmen/-women and prepress to the agreements made and tolerances given. For the proofing part, I'd strongly suggest having a very close look on GMG...
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    Help_kodak magnus 800

    At our M8, (early model), we had the same problem (plus various other focus problems) which were caused by the drum vacuum system. From what I found out at this time, there isn't any sensor for whether it works or doesn't. As Angel alreasy pointed out, open the lower back cover (there is no...
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    Prinergy Database and Corbra issues

    I assume you're dealing with a Pgy Connect (not Evo). Indeed when changing the IP you have to re-configure Orbacus. Does you problem still exist? if yes, please drop me a PM.
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    Special ICC profile to convert all color to 0c0m0y0k?

    Did you consider creating a Pitstop action list? - Select all - Remap colors - CMYK color space -> Color / Device Gray / 100% - all other -> leave as is

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