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    Fiery or Not ?

    Greetings from Vancouver :-) I'm a tech for Xerox. I work with PrimeLink and Versants all day long. For decades. The PrimeLink and the Versant both will allow you to control densities, which is a requirements for your kind of stocks. You'd want a professional finisher that comes with a decurler...
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    Ricoh C9200+C7200 v Xerox Iridesse

    In the Custom Paper Settings you'll find a setting called Trail Edge something. Set that to 70% and you'll solve the edge problem there. For that band, get your service tech to look at that. I don't have those.
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    Ricoh C9200+C7200 v Xerox Iridesse

    Hi, this shows your drums, one or many, needs to be changed. Print a 40% of each primary and you'll know.
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    Ricoh C9200+C7200 v Xerox Iridesse

    I'm a xerox analyst. The Iridesse and low gloss clear provides the best results I've seen on textured stocks so far. Better than anything I've seen personally on Ricoh's latest. Also the sharpness is something to see in person. I'd go with the Iridesse because they are so reliable (I'm working...
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    Xerox has the FS400Pro coming in soon but the real question you should ask yourself is if it'll support all of the features described such as page level rendering intent etc.
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    Xerox Versant 180 vs Ricoh C7200

    Hi Craig, I'm an analyst for xerox and I deal with Versants all day long. Can I kindly ask what your stock and which city you are in?
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    New Adaptive CMYK Kit for the V180

    I saw samples and they are spectacular. The biggest innovation in the last decade. This stuff just pops! Seriously, I'd be into it were I a print shop owner instead of a Xerox analyst. The change is also very simple: no screws, 5-15 minutes max.
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    Thoughts on Xerox Versant 3100 ??

    Your local Xerox analyst may have access to a machine to run a test for you. Send me the file in PM and I can youtube a run for you live.
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    Switching from a Xerox 550 to a C60 or Versant 80?

    I've spent the last five years doing mostly C60 and Versants and Iridesses now. You won't regret the Versant its a different class of machine. If you do a lot of walk up copies however you have to know it takes 50 seconds or so from dead cold to print a sheet.
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    Decompiling an ICC profile to see the lookups?

    Well, that was embarassing :oops: hahaha Thank you!
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    Decompiling an ICC profile to see the lookups?

    How? this is what. I get...
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    Decompiling an ICC profile to see the lookups?

    Looks like ICC profiles are 8bit encoded so its goobledygook in Notepad. How can I view the lookup (LAB to CMYK) created in a printer's ICC profile?
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    Versant 2100 13" x 26" revisited

    Standard on 3100 but optional license (XLS) on 2100. Also need to update the stock manager.
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    Where do colours start and end?

    Hi Steve, Thank you for replying. You see, I'm asking because I wrote a shareware swatchbook generator script for indesign for cmyk or mixedInk/cmyk+2 for the Iridesse. I want to write a ala Pantone Bridge version that'll span the rainbow however I wanted them in chapters, color-name based...
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    Where do colours start and end?

    Is there a science to determine where orange starts and end, in numbers? Okay, so have colours been quantified. Orange in LAB can be from here to there?
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    Xerox V80 banding problems

    Studies shows that the most talented people aren't usually the most sociable.
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    Xerox V80 banding problems

    Get the sales rep engaged and change the fuser.
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    Konica C3070 Pricing

    It illustrates the absurdity of asking for a ballpark price on something whose price can vary wildly from the bare model to the five times that price depending on configuration.
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    Konica C3070 Pricing

    Can you just give me a quote ballpark for a house?
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    Suggestions for Replacing Indigo with Toner press

    Absolutely. I'm sorry if I seemed to intrude. I think every vendor has had, and will have of course, some less than inspiring moments with customers. It's quite plain in your case that it was exemplary. I see these days great things in each vendor and its good to see such competition, good for...

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