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    Konica 6100 / Fiery issue with transparency

    Toggling the "Adobe PDF Print Engine Preferred" box on our 7110 fixed a bunch of issues over the years.
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    printers on carpet

    I worked at an Alphagraphics for 8 years and we had office carpet. It was fine and machines were a lot messier in the 90's
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    Cutter/Guillotine Blade Sharpening

    IGS Knives in Red Lion PA Address: 760 W Wallick Ln, Red Lion, PA 17356 Phone: (717) 244-6753
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    Recommendations for a used folding machine

    How big of a sheet? Does it need to crease? What kind of stocks are you folding?
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    Can the plockmatic 350-M be run if i do not have a ricoh copier to attach it to?

    This is a great feature, when it works. When the rollers on the cover inserter start wearing you'll get constant jams.
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    Can the plockmatic 350-M be run if i do not have a ricoh copier to attach it to?

    We had one attached 350/500 attached to our 7110. We ran it with the machine powered off without a problem.
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    Need to purchase a scanner - seeking recommendation

    At my previous job we had an Epson 10000 the maximum image area was 11.2x17.2. The current version is 120000XL I would look for a used model. Our used 10000 went for about $600 about 2 years ago.
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    Political Mailings

    Political mailings aren't any more difficult then regular bulk mail. Whoever provides your mail software should be able to help you check the correct buttons. You get the red political tags from the post office. We regularly hand stuff envelopes up to a qty of 2,000.
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    Wanted: Duplo DBM150 Bookletmaker with Trimmer

    Northern Machine Works will probably be your best source locally. We bought a used Duplo system 4000 with the DMB 150 booklet maker and trimmer from them years ago. My current shop is a Standard which I think is their primary line.
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    fold-away tables for large finishing jobs?

    We did something similar. We bought a 4X4 and cut it to make the leg extensions. We drilled holes about an inch deep in the center of each extension to rest the table leg in.
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    Wine Labels etc

    I've always had a good experience with Online Labels. they are limited on specialty stocks but, run reliably. I see that they also offer printing services but, I've never used them. Wine Bottle Labels - Blank or Custom | OnlineLabels®
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    Ricoh 7210 uncoated image quality

    Based on my experience with the 7110 unless you are running very high quality digital sheets, something like "Cougar super smooth" some mottling was inevitable. We also found that it got worse as the run progressed. It was still better than most digital machines I've run.
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    Acrobat-Pitstop Toolbar keeps loosing my toolset but adding its own tools.

    I've had times when one CC app is doing some heavy lifting and I go to open another app and... I get the "Your License Isn't Valid" popup. Then I lose a bunch of my workspace customization. It's not so bad with Indesign because I have a saved workspace that I can reload. that's not an option...
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    Acrobat-Pitstop Toolbar keeps loosing my toolset but adding its own tools.

    I've been having this issue for over a year now. My guess is when Acrobat fails to "phone home" even if only briefly my pitstop tools go away because they're plugins.
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    MBO Folder problem

    Could some of the paper have been cut with a different grain direction? That would play hell with that fold.
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    Digital Book Printing + Smyth Sewing -- Can It Be Done Well?

    We've done something similar. We had a job with crazy crossovers throughout the book. We folded or 4s and collated them into 16's. Folding the 4 gave us the control to make sure every sheet was folded properly. We were doing this on a Ricoh 7110. I'm assuming an Indigo would register even better.
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    Folding Recommendations for Duplo 618

    We ran the hell out of the Multigraf CF375. Unlike a lot of other creasing solutions it runs text weights. 20# bond is pushing your luck but, 60# ran very well, it helps that the product is pulled from the top of the stack. We did a lot of saddle stitched books. We would crease all of the cover...
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    KM1 Inkjet Press

    I currently work for a short run book printed and the KM1 is a good fit for us. It's used in conjunction with a digital 4/4 web and digital 1/1 web and single toner based machine. It's like any other piece of equipment, as long as it makes you money it's great. My only gripe is that from a...
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    MBM Triumph Cutters

    Look for a used hydraulic from a dealer. You can pick up a much better hydraulic for what the 5260 cost you. Challenge and Polar are both great brands. I would avoid the Morgana/Ideal cutters. It was very limited in pile height & the back gauge kept going out of square. Look at this as an...
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    Colorado and California to require salary range in job postings

    I had an interview recently that touted their "progressive values" but, couldn't tell me what the salary band was. Basically "we offer pet insurance but, not a living wage".

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