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    Epson P9000 - Printing Wrong Size

    Like Bly said...if you're using a RIP to bybass the Epson driver, there will be a paper adjustment control in there somewhere.
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    Epson P9000 - Printing Wrong Size need to through the painstaking process of finding the correct paper feed adjustment for that stock.
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    Epson Surecolor P proofer vs HPz9 printer for print proofs

    The P Series is great for 2 years. Then constant cleanings and going through ink. If you're running SWOP and have a decent RIP, I would imagine nearly any higher end proofer with your RIP compatability will get you there nowadays.
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    Prinergy server beeping

    Can be bad memory as well.
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    Anyone still using a Postscript workflow?

    Xitron Navigator 13 is more suited for PDF. We moved from PS to PDF with this upgrade. I'm not sure why they would suggest that since you can RIP to 1 bit TIFF and interface with the Xitron blue box to communicate with your setter. We continued to use PS because it was the only way to...
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    Colorado and California to require salary range in job postings

    I can't tell you how many wasted job interviews I've been on over the years not knowing the salary. They never want to share that, which in turn is a waste of the hiring party's time as well.
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    Gradients in Flexography

    Hybrid screening as mentioned above.
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    A single stubborn clogged green nozzle on Epson P9000

    You're right. I sent a picture to a service guy and he said the same. I bought 3 also. So far it's only the one but I'm sure the others won't be far behind, lol. I contacted Epson and I'm going to take advantage of the $1395 one time service event. I considered just replacing it with a new...
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    A single stubborn clogged green nozzle on Epson P9000

    There's 3 or 4 lines in the green that won't clear with any level of repeated cleanings. We're using a color managed RIP and I need the green.
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    A single stubborn clogged green nozzle on Epson P9000

    Printer is about 3 years old and used daily, but not heavy usage. I've done all the cleanings possible multiple times. Any suggestions?
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    What Equipment in Your Shop Do You Undervalue?

    I'm sorry to say that the most undervalued asset at my company is the employees.
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    Evolution of Color Proofs

    We had that big toning machine for CMYK. We called it the pizza oven. All the Pantones were done by hand.
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    Evolution of Color Proofs

    Not as bad as messing up on the last pull of a 7 color hand mixed/hand toned Cromalin. How about the alcohol stink from the Matchprint processors? those were the good ole days. I did all sorts of proofing and film contacting for about 2 years when I started in 1990 before I trained on the Scitex...
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    Evolution of Color Proofs

    I think the later Realist models were more reliable. I used one of their earlier releases and I get what you are saying.
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    Evolution of Color Proofs

    I'm surprised that the Approval is still in use in many shops. The gotta see screen crowd, I guess. I can't imagine the materials are easy to come by.
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    Evolution of Color Proofs

    Scitex Iris drum inkjet printer was groundbreaking.
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    Dropping College Degree Boosts Hiring

    I worked for a major packaging printer and you're not getting a management position without a bachelors regardless of experience. I personally think it's ridiculous, but that's the way it is.
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    Changing cut sheet size for Epson P9000

    You can tell it to print on center in Oris. Granted you may know that and may have tried that. Just a thought. I have 3 P9000's driven by Oris Color Tuner. Off topic, but not a fan of the Oris overly complicated interface.
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    Anyone else having licensing issues since this migration to Marketplace?

    They really messed us up. It's supposedly been elevated to Adobe engineering, lol. Ridiculous.

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