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  1. Keith

    Toner adhesion problems

    Hey Craig! Nice to hear from you again! Thanks for the vindication with your adhesion test. Lol! Glad to hear I'm not the only one that checks that. My V180 is about a year and a half old and the fuser has been replaced once due to another issue.
  2. Keith

    Toner adhesion problems

    No, I have not tried that but will give it a try. Although, I think it kinda sucks that it requires special settings considering we pay a premium for it.
  3. Keith

    Toner adhesion problems

    Wheate, thanks for looking into this with me. It's not really a problem in the sense of customer complaints but wouldn't you think the toner would be more resilient in its adherence to the paper? Especially in light of the fact that the toner sticks very well to other brands of paper and even...
  4. Keith

    Toner adhesion problems

    On a service contract so OEM. I've been down that road before with aftermarket ink and toner and they all suck.
  5. Keith

    Toner adhesion problems

    So I'm having issues with Mohawk Everyday Digital uncoated cover in 80lb, 100lb, and 120lb, all smooth. Does anybody else here use that paper? What's happening is the toner does not adhere well and does not pass the tape test. I don't know if anybody else here does this but every now and than...
  6. Keith

    Riso Comcolor 7050 for sale

    SOLD I'm selling my inkjet printer because I got a new one. Bought this one used with 605,000 impressions on the meter. It still works and is operational in my shop. Asking $5,000 for it and that includes professional setup for shipping by my local Riso dealer. Price is negotiable, of course...
  7. Keith

    Finding Good Employees ? Are We Crazy

    Wow. Yeah, I don't do any of that stuff either. Curious, where are you located?
  8. Keith

    Finding Good Employees ? Are We Crazy

    I'll come work for you. I don't do any of that stuff.:p
  9. Keith

    Time Travel

    There's about two dozen things I would change but the most important one would be holding onto more cash and not relying on timely customer payments. Whoever coined the term, "Cash is king" was not joking.
  10. Keith

    Anyone heard of PrintLogic or Printware? Looking for MIS Suggestions

    Yes, I used PrintLogic from Oct. 2017 to Feb. 2018. After a couple of demos, decided to try it. It was great, the price was perfect for such a small shop as me (two employees) and I considered it well featured. Ultimately, went back to my old system because I didn't like how PrintLogic handled...
  11. Keith

    Don't print direct mail - print meat instead!

    I created a new category- vegetablist. Someone who eats mostly plants but won't run screaming if meat is the only option assuming it's infrequent.
  12. Keith

    Gold Foil Printing

    Not all toners are compatible with foil. I'm also convinced that not all foils are created equal (I have not experimented with different brands). What type of stock are you using? I have found coated stocks work best and really smooth uncoated can work as well. The temperature of your laminator...
  13. Keith

    End of the job category "Printer"

    So, what are the implications of that? Forgive me for such an ignorant question.
  14. Keith

    Shopvox anyone?

    Certainly. I use Morning Flight gold edition . It is PC desktop only. No Mac version. No web version. Very affordable. But if you need multi-person access, it may not be a good solution. As for job tracking, you can mark a job Design, Awaiting OK, Prepress, Press, Post Press, and Delivered. You...
  15. Keith

    Shopvox anyone?

    I use Quickbooks Online. One advantage for me is that my bookkeeper works remotely so it is super easy for her to have access. If the internet goes down, which is rare and never more than a couple of hours or so, I just use my cell phone as a hot spot or I take a lunch. As for ShopVOX, it looks...
  16. Keith

    USPS "Informed Delivery" - Discussion

    Not long, apparently...
  17. Keith

    Xerox Versant 180 - Minimum XLS Sheet Size?

    You can put in whatever custom size you want like you do with any other size that is smaller than 13x19. I've ran 12x26 and 8.5x24.
  18. Keith

    What Were / Are Better Times?

    I don't know about that. Some of this software we use for electronic communication is pretty damn complicated, takes a genius to figure out what button does what. Or I'm just that stupid.
  19. Keith

    MIS Print Estimating

    This is what I use. I'm a single user as well in a two-man shop.
  20. Keith

    Small Shops: POS / accounting / payroll ?

    I'm not sure how much I pay right now, to be honest! Lol! My bookkeeper just switched me over to her QBO with Payroll plan and saved me some money. I don't use Point of Sale or Register or anything like that. But if I did, I'd probably look at what QBO has to offer first.

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