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  1. stargate

    (Major) Illustrator CC Issues

    You are correct. I would not use or bother with old MacPro for CC but in one instance I have to as I have my Hassy camera with Leaf digital back with firewire 400 running Capture One for tethering shooting. All my other Macs are new and have no issues only on this Mac I have seen stability...
  2. stargate

    (Major) Illustrator CC Issues

    I have a Mini 2012, SSD and 16GB RAM running Mavericks. It works great. No issues at all for about a month. But I have seen crashing few times on my 2008 MacPro with SSD, 20GB RAM under Lion. My advice: Update old hardware. I don't think Adobe tests newest software on old hardware.
  3. stargate

    Looking for kodak approval NX 4up

    Looking for kodak approval NX 4up
  4. stargate

    new impo software instead of Preps 5 for rampage user?

    where can I get demo?
  5. stargate

    impo software choices...

    Will ask for demo if they have it.
  6. stargate

    impo software choices...

    I think the promo is over in May. I will take a look anyway.
  7. stargate

    impo software choices...

    Monica, Where can I find 30 day Preps 6 demo? I remember seeing few years ago but I cannot find it now. Derek
  8. stargate

    new impo software instead of Preps 5 for rampage user?

    I just posted question in prepress workflow. I am a rampage user and I need too switch from preps 5 to something that works with Mavericks and Mountain lion. What do you guys/gals use? Derek
  9. stargate

    impo software choices...

    I am still using Preps 5 and I have my users have 2 macs on their desks. Older for running Rampage 10 and preps 5 and newer running Mavericks and Mountain Lion running prepress apps. I am upgrading Rampage soon to ver 12 and I want to replace Preps 5 with something else. Since Preps 6 has all...
  10. stargate

    Looking for Fuji Finalproof

    Anyone stopped using Fuji FinalProof? Still have one and the Fuji PD Pro box with dongle?
  11. stargate

    Fuji Final Proof

    What do you have? GXT or cmyk? DO you still have the Fuji computer with dongle?
  12. stargate

    New. Sealed. Pitstop Server for Sale. $900

    Yes. I still have it. What's the best time to call?
  13. stargate

    spot color library in efi location

    Does anyone know where are spot color libraries? Someone deleted them in spot color editor and I have to recreate them again.
  14. stargate

    Color Burst 7.60T

    Is this like 6 years old? I can give you $20. My 2 years old daughter loves to play with dongles.
  15. stargate

    New. Sealed. Pitstop Server for Sale. $900

    Not Upgrade but full retail shrink wrapped version. Never opened, never used. Brand New is $3,300. Upgrade to ver 10 from 08 is $1499. I want $900 so you will save $900 also if you need ver 10. PM me for more info.
  16. stargate

    EPSON 9890 Designer Edition 44"

    Just rememeber that you are not getting efi system but epson's. You will not get any support from efi not software updates. All this must come from Epson. I don't need to tell you how they compare? Just make sure you will get installation by a pro.
  17. stargate

    Epson 4900/Fiery RIP?

    If something as old as 9600 can do Gracol or swop 3 would you think that the newest x900 series would do it too? it kind of makes no sense for epson to make a smaller gamut printer. What do you think? Or maybe you know any newer generation printer that HAS SMALLER gamut than the previous...
  18. stargate

    Epson 4900/Fiery RIP?

    YES. No problem.
  19. stargate

    GMG or EFI - Question for decision

    gmg and cgs are using proprietary color conversions and are not compatible with anything else. You can use ICC profiles instead of gmg technology but what for? You would miss a lot of great stuff. Why buy gmg if you want to use ICC profiles unless you do some multi color work. You can also...

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