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  1. Platesettersdotcom

    Looking for ESKO CDI Installation Manual

    Hello, I will send you an email. Please look for it now. Thanks,
  2. Platesettersdotcom

    Looking for ESKO CDI Installation Manual

    Hello, I am looking for an Esko CDI 4835 installation manual. Thanks,
  3. Platesettersdotcom

    Trendsetter VLF 5067 CTP available

    Hello, What laser head is in this machine? Thanks,
  4. Platesettersdotcom

    Creo/Kodak Engineer needed. HIGHLY SKILLED, Remote Support and In House work ONLY. Inc. is currently looking for one HIGHLY SKILLED Kodak/Creo prepress remote engineer. Please email questions or resumes to Must have knowledge of Trendsetters, Magnus, Lotem, Prinergy and general prepress knowledge. Looking for long term employee for our...
  5. Platesettersdotcom

    Looking for Screen 8600S or similar thermal CTP

    Hello, I have a Screen 8600S in stock. It has a single cassette autoloader. I ship equipment all over the world. Please let me know if you need more information. Thanks, Jeff
  6. Platesettersdotcom

    trendsetter air and intake filters

    Filters for VLF Filters for VLF Hello, I have these filters in stock. Please email me. Thanks,
  7. Platesettersdotcom

    What is the difference b/n Kodak Magnus vs TRENDSETTER

    Hello, I would recommend a Trendsetter over the Magnus. Both systems are excellent but my customers running trendsetters have less complaints, there are more parts available and the lasers are easier to source. Feel free to contact me if you need a quote.
  8. Platesettersdotcom

    Kodak Magnus 400 service and parts I have parts and can supply service.
  9. Platesettersdotcom

    Looking for Tiff License for Agfa Apogee X Workflow

    I need a tiff license for an Agfa Apogee X workflow. Does anyone have one? Thanks!
  10. Platesettersdotcom

    Creo Thermal Head

    My company is now offering repair on Creo / Kodak 20w and 40w lasers. We have opened many heads without one self destructing. Please email with any questions.

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