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  1. MR.G

    Budgeted Hourly Rates

    Thanks so much for your reply Hal. My intial idea was to keep it (the price list) between the individual client and ourselves. At the moment this is how things work at our company (order process if you like): enquiry>quote by estimator>pricing by rep>accepted quote converts to Job...
  2. MR.G

    Budgeted Hourly Rates

    Hi guys, I hope you don't mind me reopening this thread. I would just like to know if you guys have had any new ideas regarding HBR and Cost-plus pricing since you posted the above. I am wrestling with the concepts at the moment and would like your input (if you don't mind). The problems I...
  3. MR.G

    Introduce yourself!

    Howdy! Howdy! Hello all, I'm an Accountant in a small printing company in Cape Town, South Africa. Been working there for about 8 years now. Learning everyday and hoping to do some more here. Have some ideas on my own. Would like to see if you guys could give it a look in. The areas that I...

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