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    A single stubborn clogged green nozzle on Epson P9000

    Printer is about 3 years old and used daily, but not heavy usage. I've done all the cleanings possible multiple times. Any suggestions?
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    Anyone else having licensing issues since this migration to Marketplace?

    My admin console shows only me, doesn't give me the ability to assign users and their apps, and I lost a single Acrobat license that they are supposedly working on. It's been weeks.
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    Anyone using Euclidean dot and why? Sheetfed Offset

    Just curious why anyone would prefer this over a standard round dot? Thanks!
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    Distorting offset plates for growth compensation?

    Does anyone distort offset plates for gripper to tail growth compensation? First time I'm seeing it after all these years and found it odd for sheetfed offest.
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    Illustrator 2022 zoom issues

    What the heck did they do? At higher zooms the display becomes unusable...goes blank and rebuilds as blocks as the cursor moves. Is anyone else experiencing this? Running i9 iMacs w Monterey. Ridiculous. I've tried the Illustrator display preferences to no avail.
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    Does anyone know the default AE password for the BGSYSTEM user?

    Haven't had to access it for quite a while.
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    Epson P9000 cut sheet question

    Hi. I have 3 P9000's, all about 2 years old or so. I run Oris Color Tuner to all 3. Identical parameters. One of them always drops the cut sheet after printing. The others hang like they should and allow more drying time. This one dumps it on the floor. I did a firmware upgrade a few months back...
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    PACKZ by Hybrid Software

    Anyone using this? know anything about it? looks very interesting
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    Anyone experiencing network issues with the Epson Surecolor series over TCP/IP?

    I have identical issues with both my P9000's and my T5270. My Stylus Pro 9900 and 7900 on the same network have no issues. Symptoms are...doesn't sleep, doesn't auto power down, drops off the network sporadically and when that happens it can't be powered down by the power button...have to yank...
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    Anyone using Fuji Superia ZD plates?

    Just looking for some feedback...thanks.
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    Anyone try Neo 10.1.4 with Sierra and/or High Sierra?

    I'd hate to lose this program, but Adobe CC 2018 forces the hand to upgrade our OS.
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    CGS Oris Color Tuner users...happy?

    I'm really on the fence with this software. I find it to be the least intuitive, user friendly interface around. I just finished setting up a new Epson P9000 and it finally gave me a chance to get in the program a bit deeper than I have. I used EFI Colorproof XF for years in the past and I found...
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    Anyone using Neo 10.1.4 with Sierra?

    I know it's not supported, but does it work?
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    RTI vs. Xitron

    Any thoughts? I'm currently a Xitron Navigator user and hold an annual support agreement. I never hear a word about available upgrades that are supposed to be included in my agreement. In fact, I never hear anything. I just get a support renewal agreement each year.
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    Epson LFP Remote Panel 2 will not work with Yosemite 10.10.4?

    Yet another issue I'm having with this printer. The utility opens and works, but the Remote Panel just crashes. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    Best Clear Media for Epson Inkjet

    Our old filmsetter finally bit the dust. I have a Epson Surecolor T-5270 that I am trying to use to print our dielines. I am getting all sorts of sizing and ink adhesion issues. I'm trying 2 Sihl products, Absolute Clear and Accurate Screen as well as a Cartolith product. I'm not 100% pleased...
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    New Yosemite 10.10.4 release...any issues?

    Hi, any issues with Adobe CC 2014 and Deskpack Suite 14 SP2? or is it safe to go ahead with it? I just my department completely upgraded and am a bit nervous to install.
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    Illustrator CC free transform doesn't snap to objects or guides

    Did anyone else notice this? I looked through all my preferences but can't find anything different. I assume my removing the snap from that tool they are truly making it "free"? Any insight folks? Thanks!
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    Defining and embedding screen angles in a PDF

    How is everyone defining screen angles going to a PDF RIP. I am using Navigator 8 but still create postscript and define the angles in the print dialogue of Illustrator. I would like to be able to define my angles to be maintained in the PDF and simply drop the PDF to a hotfolder.
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    Is Esko still developing for Neo?

    I have version 10.1.1 Is this the latest version? is Esko still developing for this product or is it done?

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