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  1. kdw75

    Networking New Shop/Need assistance!

    I have done all of our networking for the past 30 years, but would agree that you might be ahead to get someone. There are so many people out there doing it, that you can get someone for for very little money to get you set up. I used to do it on the side and would charge $20/hr and know lots of...
  2. kdw75

    blue print problems on my brother (home) inkjet

    We had an Epson 9600 that had clogged ink tubes and a clogged print head. I bought some print head cleaning solution online, that smelled very similar to Windex, and used a soaked paper towel to clean the print head. Then I used a syringe to flush out the ink tubes. It worked great for years...
  3. kdw75

    Ricoh vs Cannon vs Xerox Quality...

    To elaborate, it is any colored tint block on the page. Defects are most noticeable when you have a consistent background screen, such as a tint behind some type that is grey. Our Xerox 2100 never was able to print a clean black screen. They even tried putting a flywheel on it that hooked to the...
  4. kdw75

    What to get after Xerox Versant 3100, what is in same class or a bit better?

    The screens are cleaner than our V2100 ever were. The 7210x is a fantastic machine. It is a little slower than the V3100, but you more than make up for it by not having to calibrate, tweak position on the sheet, and wait for service. Another printer in town got the Iridesse and even it doesn't...
  5. kdw75

    Iridesse to Ricoh/Konica

    We came from a V2100 and C75 to two 7210x machines. We run #10 envelopes without opening the flaps. Some will refold, but Sayer Brook brand run perfectly. As mentioned above, they are better in almost every respect. The only think I will say the V2100 was better at was the raw speed, but with...
  6. kdw75

    MGX 10 mil and 15 mil Synthetic Paper and Ricoh 7210

    We order ours from a company called Press Sense and they always ask if we want it coated or un-coated for digital printing. The coated is almost twice the price. We have been running the un-coated for ages and it seem to work well. We just set our 7210 to synthetic paper and turn up the fuser...
  7. kdw75


    We have thousands of old files created in Quark that we use day in and day out, but it is only used for old files and new typesetting done by a specific employee. Our biggest clients send in file in Indesign and that is what I have used for decades. I decided to load Quark 2023 on my machine as...
  8. kdw75

    MGX 10 mil and 15 mil Synthetic Paper and Ricoh 7210

    We haven't run that brand, but we run lots of 10, 15 and 20 mil plastics. The biggest problem we have is the dirt it attracts from static. As long as you keep it clean and remove any dirt that gets on it, we haven't had any issues. It might be getting paper debris on it from the paper path...
  9. kdw75

    Can the plockmatic 350-M be run if i do not have a ricoh copier to attach it to?

    I am ashamed to say I never new you could do that. Quite a few times we have had pre-colated books run offset that we had one of our bindery people stand there and hand feed. Thank you!
  10. kdw75

    Ricoh vs Cannon vs Xerox Quality...

    I have run Xerox Versant machines for 5 years and Ricoh's 7210s for 4 years. Registration and print quality are much better on the Ricohs. Especially screens. That being said, I wonder how the Cannon compares. Has anyone had experience with all three brands and a similar level of machine...
  11. kdw75


    This made me chuckle. We used to a have a pressman that would get really pissed when he was having press problems. One day we heard him yelling and cussing louder than usual because he got mad and kicked the press out of a fit of anger and hit his shin on a protruding step. lol
  12. kdw75

    Dropping College Degree Boosts Hiring

    I don't believe the majority of companies require your degree to be pertinent to your career, just that you have a degree of some sort. So not really the same as getting a medical degree to practice medicine. Dealing with middle management at companies we work for it amazes me how many college...
  13. kdw75

    Why do they reject sRGB???

    I am by no means a color expert, but I do spend 40-50 hours a week dealing with customer supplied files and printing them to our digital presses. We regularly use RGB and sRGB files to print and they seem to give a slightly more vibrant colors when printed than CMYK FOGRA files do. I can't...
  14. kdw75

    Evolution of Color Proofs

    When I was little, back in the 80s, we used color keys. Each color was on a piece of clear plastic and since we only had two color presses, we could slide in a press sheet and then flip down the plastic with the remaining colors to see the finished result. I don't even know what the correct...
  15. kdw75

    20 mil Plastic Gift Cards

    We run them on our Ricoh 7200.
  16. kdw75

    Paper Triage

    We have switched almost everything to un-coated sheets. We have a skid of 100# Gloss Text and Cover that we use for our largest clients brochures, but if time allows we order them out to save what we have. The trade printers seem to be getting gloss paper so far.
  17. kdw75

    Cushioning Paper Void Filler Replacement for Plastic Pillows

    So even more uses for the paper that we can't get. :)
  18. kdw75

    Gloss Paper is GONE...

    We have had trouble getting paper all along, but if I was persistent for a few days I could always snag a skid here and there to keep everything we use in stock. Now is the first time that I can't find any text or cover weight gloss papers in 80# or 100#. We have had to shift everything over to...
  19. kdw75

    Ricoh 9210 output tray

    We have that tray, as well as a stacker, on our machines. Ours will stack about 12" of gloss paper, but if you run more it says there is a mechanical fault. Our tech says the solution is to change a setting to allow less volume. It just seems to be a limitation of that component. The stacker is...

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